Series1_JacquiTurkXNicoleVDon-5I wanted to share a series that Jacqui Turk and I worked on awhile back now.

Our usual practice is to make pretty pictures with elements from the natural world or that have an organic feeling to them, of which you’ve seen plenty of examples here before.

We went into this creative shoot with a similar focus and outcome in mind; intending to use mostly natural materials that we are more akin to working with. In fact, the iridescent cellophane was a last minute ‘just for fun’ addition to the props pile. The tangent we ended up going down with this hyper synthetic material still had us introducing natural elements to contrast against it. The resulting story we created was in an actual fervor of creative surrender, totally spontaneous and collaborative play.  The exercise became self-reflective afterwards when we wondered if it ‘was really us’ or if it would be well-received by those who are used to what ‘we do’.  This questioning was the only unnatural aspect of the entire process and comes from our own imposed notions and constraints we put on ourselves through our own views or others’.  Upon reflection, we’ve concluded that the tension between the artificial and natural elements in the photographs, is holding a mirror to how we see ourselves vs. letting go of any preconceived notions of self – what our analytical mind labelled as ‘foreign’ was actually seamless and completely natural to us in the moment of creation. Also, fun. And pretty. Oui, oui. Non?

Series1_JacquiTurkXNicoleVDon-1Series1_JacquiTurkXNicoleVDon-3Series1_JacquiTurkXNicoleVDon-2 Series1_JacquiTurkXNicoleVDon-4 Series1_JacquiTurkXNicoleVDon-6  Series1_JacquiTurkXNicoleVDon-7

Would love any feedback!

Photography: Jacqui Turk  Styling: Nicole Valentine Don

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