Transformation of a House is a beautiful mid-century apartment located in Paris, France, completely redesigned in 2019 by Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier.


The house is located in the heart of Paris in an atypical pedestrian street where there are only houses. The owners are a young couple, just married and preparing to start a family. The objective of the construction site was twofold:

– To restore the parts damaged by time (It was necessary to completely redo certain floors, to reinforce beams eaten by insects…).
– To reorganize the house by decompartmentalizing as much as possible the living spaces located at the middle level, to create a floor reserved for the children on the lower level and to create a parental suite on the upper floor.

In order to respect the historical character of the house, we have chosen handcrafted materials and designed refined furniture with very slight modenature details.

We have respected and highlighted everything that made this house unique (bare structure of the frame, restoration of the facade …) and added new modenatures that fit with the existing.

Photography courtesy of Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier

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