Proper lighting is essential for any home. It is important to maintain balance between personality and the functionality of the room when it comes to lighting the living room. One can transform the entire atmosphere of their living room within the proper use of lighting.

The living room is an important room where most people spend their leisure times with their families or friends. If your living room is large with different zones such as a dining area, home office or a lounging area, it is important that each zone has adequate lighting without overpowering other areas.

One of the thing you can do to add good lighting to your living room is by selecting the right lamp for it. Since standing lamp is one of the most favorite lighting ideas for a living room, why don’t you take a look at these ideas of amazing stand lamps for living room. We’ve collected these as the most recommended idea for you if you are going to have one or two in your house. Enjoy!

1. Rustic Wood Stand Lamp

If you already have a rustic living room concept, this idea might fit the best for your space. Or if you just want to give a little touch of rustic furniture, that is always okay to have one of this stand lamp.

Rustic Wood Stand Lamp
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2. Modern White Crystal Stand Lamp

Do you need a modern and luxurious stand lamp for a living room? This modern white crystal stand lamp might satisfy your need.

Modern White Crystal Stand Lamp
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3. Contemporary Small Black Stand Lamp

Don’t worry if you want to look for a contemporary stand lamp for your living room. This simple contemporary black stand lamp can be one of your favorite idea to adopt.

Contemporary Small Black Stand Lamp
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4. Sparkling Crystal Stand Lamp

Looking for another sparkling crystal as your lighting besides of a chandelier? Adopt this sparkling crystal stand lamp and have a wonderful living room lighting experience.

Sparkling Crystal Stand Lamp
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5. Modern White Stand Lamp

Having a white colored stand lamp is always fun, as it makes your room more clean and elegant, just like this modern white stand lamp below.

Modern White Stand Lamp
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6. Simple Red Stand Lamp

No need to have a big one as a stand lamp. You can make it simple by this idea of simple red stand lamp with silver metal stand. Simple and chic, right?

Simple Red Stand Lamp
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7. 3 Spotlights Standing Lamp

It would be so fun to have this idea as your living room lighting. 3 spotlights will point more than one spot to make any place in the living room get enough lighting, and, a beautiful design, of course!

3 Spotlights
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8. Spiral Wooden Stand Lamp

If you love to have wooded look as a stand lamp, adopt this idea for sure. The uniqueness of the shape with a natural color will make your living room even more special.

Spiral Wooden Stand Lamp
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9. Modern Metal Arched Stand Lamp

Here comes the most favorite design of standing lamp for a modern living room: the metal arched stand lamp. Just by it look, it can make us sure that any living room will look dynamic and catchy if you have on of it.

Modern Metal Arch Stand Lamp
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10. Modern Arched Stand Lamp

Here is another choice of modern arched stand lamp with more soft look from the lamp shade. Sure will transform your living into a beautiful one.

Modern Arch Stand Lamp
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11. Black Single Spotlight Stand Lamp

Beautify your living room with this simple black single spotlight stand lamp. A very good choice for a simple designed living room, especially if you have a black and white concept of living room.

Black Single Spotlight Stand Lamp
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Have you decide your favorite? Hope you enjoyed the ideas and do not hesitate to share with us if there is any brilliant idea of stand lamp for living room. Talking about living room, if you are looking for any decoration for it, you can take a look at our living room wall decor. Thank you for reading!

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