Tour Vietnam & Cambodia in 20 Days with G Adventures

Tour Vietnam & Cambodia in 20 Days with G Adventures

Can’t get enough of Sam and Laura? Neither can we! Today, we’re following along as they tour Vietnam and Cambodia with a 20-day tour operated by G Adventures. From fish farms to ancient temple complexes to so much more, get ready to experience the ultimate tour of these two gorgeous countries!

Beginning in Cambodia, Sam and Laura get right to making the country their own! A visit to a fish farm kicks things off, and then our favourite travellers find themselves in a bustling local market. One of the best parts of a group tour is the ability to find hidden gems you wouldn’t discover anywhere else, and Sam and Laura certainly take advantage of that! Their guide whisks them away to a hidden waterfall that only locals know about – to quote Laura, “we never would have found it on our own.”

The best way to wrap up a visit to Cambodia is with a beach day, right? We think so too! The group is treated to a day living like locals, sitting around a stunning waterfall and splashing the day away. If that doesn’t sound like #TravelGoals, we don’t know what does!

After Sam and Laura have seen (almost) everything there is to see in Cambodia, they make their way to Vietnam to keep the adventure going! First stop: the country’s iconic floating markets, where they enjoy fresh coconuts and a ride on a pineapple boat, and get to know the locals a little better.

All that adventure has clearly worked up their appetites! Don’t worry — it’s nothing a visit to a noodle factory can’t fix. You can catch a glimpse of how this delicious Vietnamese staple is produced – try not to get too hungry!

If gorgeous beaches, complicated and fascinating history, friendly locals, and delicious food seem like your ideal vacation, a trip like Sam and Laura’s 20-day adventure through Vietnam and Cambodia would be a dream come true. If that’s the case, then why not start planning for your own dream?
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