Tour the World - Ep: 3

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The adventure continues: welcome to episode three of Tour the World!

Last time, we watched Joan and Jessica conquer new heights along Peru’s Quarry Trail, and then evade jumping spiders in the incredible Amazon Jungle. It’s safe to say that the first stop of Tour The World was a success! All good things must come to an end, though, so get ready to follow along on the next leg of this amazing fifty-day adventure. Time to explore the USA!

While Jessica calls this country home, she jumps at the opportunity to explore her own backyard in a new and exciting way. Joan, as we all know by now, is forever ready to experience anything unfamiliar! After a close call at the airport in Peru involving a missing passport, the team is off and ready to explore New York City.

With a new tour group in tow, Joan and Jessica learn how they’ll be exploring the USA: on a great American road trip! Beginning in New York, the group piles into their Intrepid van and begins the drive. First stop? Washington, DC! Between visiting the city’s famous museums, experiencing historic and moving monuments, and even catching a glimpse of something rather orange in the sky, it’s safe to say that the group took DC by storm.

Another quintessential American experience? Camping in a national park! The team sets up camp on their way out of DC, and the luck of Tour The World seems to follow them, since Mother Nature only lets a thunderstorm loose after all the tents are safely pitched.

Next stop: Nashville! This electric city is the perfect destination for this group, who quickly dive into everything the country music capital has to offer. From modelling cowboy boots to visiting a moonshine distillery to line-dancing the night away, it was the perfect way to experience the city with new friends.

We can safely say that the Tour The World team’s first impressions of the USA were fantastic, but there’s still so much more to see and do! Make sure to subscribe to our channel to be the first to know when new episodes premiere. Stay tuned for the next episode of Tour The World: what other states can Joan and Jessica absolutely not miss on this leg?

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