Tour the Canadian Rockies in 12 Days with Costsaver

Tour the Canadian Rockies in 12 Days with Costsaver

The Canadian Rockies are one of those destinations you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life – from the towering mountains themselves, to the abundant wildlife that calls the region home, to the laidback west-coast vibes in the surrounding towns and cities, you’ll get your fill of culture, nature, and adventure when you tour the Canadian Rockies! The best part? When you tour with Costsaver, you have the freedom to explore in your own way, at your own pace. Come along with TourRadar and Costsaver as we explore the Canadian Rockies – we guarantee you’ll be packing your bags before the video is over!

This twelve-day tour is packed full of fun and adventure, no matter what that means to you. From a peaceful breakfast in a stunning botanical garden, to heart-racing whale watching and white water rafting, to leisurely strolls in world-famous national parks, the Canadian Rockies offers something for everyone.

Beginning in British Columbia, travellers have the opportunity to explore Vancouver before heading to Victoria, where, as always, they’re given plenty of free time to get to know the area in exactly the way they’d like to. From cruises to shopping sprees to hikes, your Costsaver tour leader always knows the best way to spend the day, and they’re always happy to help you plan your time to make every day perfect.

From Victoria, head to Whistler – home of world-famous winter sports and even more incredible natural beauty. Laze the day away on a patio in the village, or kick things up a notch with a ziplining excursion or a ride on the Peak-to-Peak Gondola.

The Canadian Rockies may seem like one incredible national park and natural beauty after the other, and that’s because it is! There’s beauty wherever you look, and as travellers continue through Jasper and Banff National Parks, enjoying the freedom to hike across glaciers, cruise along pristine blue lakes, ride a magical gondola, or even take a journey on a helicopter, they’re sure to realize just how incredible this region actually is.

Are you ready to take on the Canadian Rockies? With Costsaver on your side, you’re always able to see exactly what you want to see, and have the trip of a lifetime you’ve always dreamed of. Head over to TourRadar to explore this itinerary, as well as other amazing Costsaver tours.

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