Tour Kerala in 13 days with Exodus

If you’ve already travelled the famed Golden Triangle route — or if you’re dreaming of visiting India but you’re not quite sure which region to choose — this video is for you! Today, we’re teaming up with Exodus to take you on a colourful journey through Kerala, a state known for its stunning natural beauty, idyllic coastline, and tea-covered hills. Get ready to learn exactly why this spectacular region deserves a spot on every India itinerary!

Kerala is a world away from the rest of India. Although it’s only a short plane journey from Delhi, the transition from the country’s capital to this serene state is like night and day. Instead of frenetic streets filled with rickshaws and free-roaming cows, you’ll find palm-fringed beaches, a network of lush backwaters, tropical jungles, and sprawling spice plantations.

The slower pace of life is a welcome respite from destinations like Agra and Jaipur, making Kerala the perfect place for a blissful tropical getaway. That being said, there are lots of exciting ways to get your adventure on in Kerala, too — from wildlife viewing to trekking and more! On the tour featured in this video, you get the best of both worlds: a mix of adventurous activities and plenty of time to relax and take in the stunning scenery.

One experience you can’t miss in this part of India? Cruising Kerala’s backwaters on a traditional houseboat! These slow-moving barges were once used to transport goods like rice and spices; nowadays, they’re reserved for leisure trips, offering one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences in the country.

Did you have the urge to search for flights to India after watching this video? That’s a surefire sign it’s time to experience this wonderfully chaotic country for yourself! Head to TourRadar today to explore this itinerary and loads of others just like it!

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