Tour Alabama Architect Jeffrey Dungan’s Arts and Crafts-Inspired Home

For his own house in Birmingham, one of eight projects featured in his new book, The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses, architect Jeffrey Dungan distilled his love of his home state of Alabama, his admiration for Arts and Crafts design, and his respect for natural materials into a romantic structure of wood and stucco where the elemental spaces within celebrate shadows, curves, and light.

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The exterior of architect Jeffrey Dungan’s house in Birmingham, Alabama, which is sited on a steeply sloped plot within an enclave of English-inspired houses. The narrow, four-story structure is clad in painted stucco and charcoal-colored wood.

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The living room was crafted with the help of designer Betsy Brown; an elliptical cutout reveals the sweeping staircase beyond, and the ceiling is sheathed in bleached wood.

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The architect sited the steel-framed fireplace in a corner of the living room, rather than the center of the wall, to create an uninterrupted connection to the outdoors. The steel-and-leather sling chair is vintage.

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The small plunge pool off the living room was a request from the architect’s daughters, and has become a favorite spot for entertaining.

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The kitchen opens to the living room; a butler’s pantry, on the left, and a refrigerator, on the right, flank the sink. The windows look out to the garden.

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The second-floor landing has become a favorite study retreat for the architect’s daughters.

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A plush velvet curtain marks the stairway to the master bedroom, and hides a television when it is not in use.

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A wall with gently curved edges separates the master bedroom from the stairway behind it, and serves as a dramatic focal point.

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The master suite, on the top level, provides views of the city. The upholstered bed is a custom design, the console is by Peter Fleming, and the coffee bar on the right leads to a dressing hall and bath.

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The architect used blackened steel throughout the Gothic-vaulted master bath, to frame the shower and water closet and for a console in front of a window fitted with rondel glass for privacy.

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The bedroom of the architect’s two youngest daughters offers expansive views. The console table and poufs are custom designs.

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The rear of the house, which follows the slope of the hill. The swimming pool is sheltered behind the stone wall.

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The architect’s new book, The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses, published by Rizzoli.