In San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, Kristen Peña of K Interiors approached the renovation of a century-old, Edwardian home with a careful touch. Rather than using flashy, statement pieces that would vie for attention with the historic architecture, Peña opted for an unfussy, minimalist style that would complement the structure, not distract from it. “Many remodels in San Francisco strip the house of its’ bones, ” says the designer. “We wanted to keep the original — and gorgeous — details of the the home’s history. It survived 100-plus years, and we were not going to be the ones to change that.”

Here, we tour the pared-back environment, which relies on pattern, texture, and subtle colors to achieve a calming and creative design.

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A Stark rug complements the cool-hued living room; the light fixture overhead is from Apparatus.

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Carl Hansen armchairs are back-lit by ample natural light.

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The black fireplace surround is from Fireclay Tile.

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Architectural elements, like this unique stairway paneling, enhance the minimalist aesthetic. The woven light fixture is from Tucker Robbins; the console is by Sawkille Co. and the rug, Armadillo & Co.

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Flooded with deep blue, the master bedroom is a cozy and textural experience. A rug from Armadillo & Co provides softness underfoot, while leather-lined Lostine sconces offer warmth on either side of the bed. The sheets, pillowcases, and duvets here are from Matteo Bedding. 

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Across the space is a wooden dresser with Art Deco-style pulls from Hedge House Furniture; the hanging light was designed by artist Windy Chien.

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For the master bedroom, Peña selected bold fixtures from Newport Brass.

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Looking into the kitchen, the bright white cabinetry from 5 Star Cabinets matches the door frame and wall panels of the dining room, which helps each room to flow into the next.

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The high-contrast tile backsplash is from Tabarka Studio.

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Sun Valley Bronze provided the hardware, and the plumbing is from Waterworks.

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Carl Hansen chairs are positioned around a square dining table.

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Floral wallpaper from St Frank adds a dose of playfulness to the powder room.

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For one of the children’s bedrooms, a Peg Woodworking headboard features braided cotton cords woven across a wood frame. The Midcentury-style hoop lounge chair is from the Citizenry, and the high-pile rug is from Pampa, a design studio based in Byron Bay, Australia.

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A music room is a source of entertainment for the teenage children. The ottomans are from the Citizenry, and the rug is from Pampa.



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