Even the most extravagant and well-crafted staircase demands a functional railing to secure and protect.

However, this necessary implement does so much more for the entire home at large.

A finely designed and selected staircase railing makes a striking visual impression, transforming the everyday mode of ascension into nothing less than a work of eye-catching art.

Many factors contribute to the beauty and appeal of a staircase, among them lighting, structural and visual design, and yes, the railing itself. For centuries artisans have looked to the elemental handrail to complete their masterpieces. After all, you wouldn’t hang a priceless work of art without an equally appropriate frame, and a staircase handrail can either detract from or complete one’s daily ascent and descent.

From finely crafted wood to more rustically stripped down pieces, as well as steel, wrought iron scrollwork, vertical wiring, and even glass, there is no end to the rich assortment of styles and models from which to select your perfect railing. However grand or simple in scale, your home’s staircase deserves a railing as well-made as it is superbly reflective of your domestic habitat.

Every day we reside amongst and make use of our home’s many accoutrements. We run up and down the stairs all day, but do we really pause to consider where we tread, and whether or not it’s a passing chore or experience worth savoring?

You probably put a great deal of time and effort into crafting a home worth showing off, so why not extend that sensibility to the floor up with these top 70 best stair railing ideas below?


Awesome Traditional Home Painted White Wood Stair Railing Ideas

Black Metal Ornate Design Ideas For Stair Railing

Black Metal With White Wood Beam Posts Home Design Ideas Stair Railing

Black Stained Wood Stair Railing Idea Inspiration

Black Wrought Iron Traditional Home Stair Railing Ideas

Brass Stunning Interior Flush Staircase Railing Designs

Contemporary House Metal Stair Railing Ideas

Contemporary Metal Designs Stair Railing With Wood Treads

Cool Brass Metal Stair Railing Design Ideas

Cool Metal Stainless Steel Wire Stair Railing With Wood Handrail

Dark Brown Stained Wood Ideas For Stair Railing Interior

Excellent Interior Ideas Stair Railing Stained And Painted White Wood

Exceptional Metal Continous Stair Railing Ideas

Glass Panels Modern Ideas For Stair Railing

Glass Panels With Metal Handrail Stair Railing Ideas

Good Ideas For Stair Railing

Grand Home Entry Staircase Railing Ideas Wrought Iron

Home Interior Designs Staircase Railing

Home Interior Designs White Wood Stair Railing

Idea Inspiration Wood And Metal Wire Stair Railing Designs

Impressive Stair Railing Ideas

Interior Designs Staircase Railing Black Metal

Interior Designs Stair Railing Modern Glass Panels

Interior Ideas For Staircase Railing Metal Rod Bars

Interior Ideas For Stair Railing Traditional Style

Interior Ideas Staircase Railing Metal

Interior Ideas Stair Railing Wood And Metal Horizontal Bars

Interior Staircase Railing Design Solid Metal Panel

Interior Stair Railing Design Wood

Luxury Grand Stair Railing Wrought Iron

Luxury Stair Railing Ideas Wood

Magnificent Floating Metal Stair Railing Design Ideas

Metal Detailed Ideas Stair Railing

Metal Ideas For Home Stair Railing

Metal Mesh Wire Stunning Interior Stair Railing Designs

Metal Pattern Home Stair Railing Ideas

Metal Ultra Modern Staircase Railing Ideas

Metal With Wood Handrail Home Interior Staircase Railing

Modern Home Ideas Stair Railing

Modern Metal Stair Railing Ideas Inspiration

Nice Staircase Glass Panel Railing Interior Ideas

Nice Stair Railing Rustic Wood And Steel Wire Interior Ideas

Pattern Metal Home Interior Stair Railing

Remarkable Ideas For Stair Railing

Shiplap Walls Metal Railing Staircase Ideas

Sleek Stair Railing Ideas

Staircase Railing Cool Interior Ideas

Staircase Railing Interior Design

Staircase Railing Interior Ideas

Stair Railing

Stair Railing Cool Interior Ideas

Stair Railing Design Idea Inspiration

Stair Railing Design Ideas

Stair Railing Design Inspiration

Stair Railing Home Designs

Stair Railing Home Ideas

Stair Railing Interior Design

Stair Railing Interior Ideas

Stair Railing Spectacular Ideas

Superb Stair Railing Ideas

Ultra Modern Glass Panels Designs For Stair Railing

Unique Stair Railing

Unique Stair Railing Designs

Unique Stair Railing Home Ideas

Wood Posts With Metal Balusters Design Ideas Stair Railing

Wood With Metal Balusters Contemporary Stair Railing With Shiplap Walls

Wrought Iron Beautiful Staircase Railing Ideas

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