It’s hard not to envision larger-than-life examples of boulder landscaping, with Stonehenge certainly figuring most prominently in terms of enduring popularity.

After all, boulders are for the medieval titan, and hardly suitable implements for the modern landscaper or man of modest means, right?

On the contrary!

Despite their imposing stature, boulders are an ideal way to accent and embolden one’s outdoor space, without overwhelming the surrounding environment or architecture of one’s home.

Flanking an entrance or acting as stand-alone eyepieces, the simplest methods of incorporating boulders into your enclosure can leave infinitely long-lasting impressions, while the many ingenious interpretations that have p33resently cropped up continue to rule the landscaping realm.

Hollowed out boulder fire pits are both astonishing to behold and incredibly efficient, while boulder-made furniture and fountain installations merge seamlessly with the natural fluidity of one’s personally curated landscape. From planters to mailboxes, the boulder reveals its mythical status by way of sheer eclecticism; wherever your outdoor inspirations take you, the boulder is not to be underestimated.

In recent years the design world has shifted to the organic and earth-made; inside and out, men of taste have come to recognize that the best look is often what nature alone provides. Despite colossal connotations, boulders found in these top top 70 best rock landscaping ideas supply just the right balance between understated refinery and uncommon allure.

Now is the perfect time to reassess your front and/or backyard views, for you may just find that a bid of the old world grandiose is just what your abode is begging for.


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