For an unfortunate many, stepping into the shower first thing in the morning or after a long day’s work is little more than a chore, with even less attention paid to the details that transform the task into an experience worth savoring.

The act of bathing should be a time for renewal and invigoration, a much-anticipated moment of equally deserved luxury.

Wouldn’t you rather bask in the decadent glow of personally selected lighting rather than a harsh fluorescent glare or gloomy lack thereof?

These top 50 best shower lighting ideas can make all the difference between a forgettable daily routine and celebratory ritual. From sumptuous Versailles-inspired chandelier warmth (updated to suit the modern water closet, of course) to impossibly sophisticated inlaid LED implements, your shower lighting is designed to compliment your bathroom’s theme and enhance the pleasure you take in coming out a new man each and every time. A state-of-the-art shower is just that–a work of art. Whether it’s clean simplicity you seek or ultra-advanced technological lighting, you deserve to purify like a royal no matter the moment or length of time.

In our fast-paced age it’s often easy to bypass the everyday accoutrements in favor of grander gratifications. It’s all too common, however, to forget that one’s quality of life resides in those very details we embrace day in and day out. The shower may seem like a cubicle of convenience and nothing more, but the true tastemaker sees refinement in every aspect of his life.

Your shower is so much more than a cleansing station, and the elite enjoyment so many crave but so few achieve is a mere light switch away.


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