Safety and privacy are key concerns when it comes to the well-crafted swimming pool, with few exceptions allotted even in the name of aesthetic appeal.

However, such crucial components needn’t be achieved at the cost of style and enjoyment, and the pool fence of today is a far cry from its utilitarian origins.

A pool fence plays an integral–if often overlooked–role in the grand swimming pool scheme. While landscaping, lighting, and various design implements all merge to create the mood and experience one desires, it is the swimming pool fence that contains and shelters it all. For that reason, many go to painstaking lengths to design a fence that is worthy of what lies within its perimeters.

From traditional wrought iron designs to stripped-down rustic wood, as well as steel, picket, and even glass, there is a swimming pool fence for every pool and backyard space. A beautiful and style-savvy pool fence puts the finishing touch on the picturesque scene you’ve created, affording both privacy and safety in a seemingly effortless manner.

Many state laws require fences to be placed around swimming areas, which is certainly motivation enough to procure such a vital installation. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing personal taste and eye-appeal, as many a palatial celebrity estate can attest. Seclusion is one of the most seductive aspects of owning a swimming pool, and how you choose to shield your domestic lagoon from the outside world is vital to the idyllic pastime.

This summer surround yourself and your guests with one of these top 50 best pool fence ideas that suggest that what lies on the other side is nothing short of a V.I.P. experience.


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