Coffered ceilings are among the most breathtaking choices for one’s home, as well as the oldest.

Gleaned from the ancient Greek word kophinos and its Latin counterpart cophinus, the word coffer means “basket” in accordance with its sunken panel design.

The coffered ceiling was a mainstay in grand public buildings, palaces, and genteel homes, and thanks to streamlined 21st century modifications is also an attractively accessible ceiling option for the personal home or apartment.

With original alternating uses including engineering disguises and weight distribution, few can argue that the superior feature of the coffered ceiling is its unmatchable opulence. Achieved by leaving spaces between ceiling framework beams, the coffered ceiling can add or shorten height depending on the method used. The result is a stately geometric ceiling pattern that can be painted or detailed according to one’s aesthetic preferences. Minimal or intricate, the coffered ceiling is sure to leave an unforgettable impression.

At once elegant and effortless, the coffered ceiling of today is a new take on a nearly ancient interior motif. And like all great designs of bygone years, these coffered ceiling ideas adapt extremely well to the modern home, suggesting an old world ambiance paired with the sensibilities of the 21st century man. Now is the perfect time to consider the most oft-overlooked aspect of the home, and transform it into a work of art.


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