Feeling comfortable in our own home is something that everyone should focus on. It is important to make a house a home, and a part of that involves making modifications that can help bring the place more in tune with your desires and needs. This is the reason for which many people decide to remodel their kitchens. However, most people that come to this decision encounter obstacles and challenges along the way or in the aftermath that could have been easily avoided.  Preparing beforehand with proper information will have you thanking yourself later. Here are some tips to take note of before remodeling your kitchen.

Proper positioning

Assigning a place for everything according to their use is very helpful because it takes out unnecessary steps or requirements for completing regular kitchen tasks. Containers and wrapping materials should be stored close to the workstation so that leftover food can be swiftly stored. Dishes and flatware should be stored close to the dishwasher because this will make it incredibly easier when it comes to unloading. Also, taking a bowl out of the counter and walking across the entire kitchen to sit down isn’t very ideal so you can store breakfast related items next to the breakfast table for example.


Don’t cram things

It’s essential to design the kitchen with plenty of space between kitchen surfaces. The paths within the kitchen should be wide enough to comfortably and efficiently get from one place to another without having to shimmy or attempt contortionist numbers. It is ideal to maintain a 36-48 inch width for walkways.

Plan cabinet door distance

Make sure cabinets aren’t place near corners or other spaces that would hinder their doors from fully and easily opening. The same thing goes for kitchen appliance doors like the refrigerator or microwave. Make sure you can fully open them and also that if multiple doors are opened at the same time they won’t hit each other.

Plenty of working space

Making sure there is plenty of real estate where you can work or set down items throughout the cooking or depositing process. There should be around 15 inches of working space on each side of the cooktop and the same time goes for the refrigerator. Also keep in mind the microwave and how you’ll need space where you can queue items.cool white kitchen

Stock up behind the range

Make sure to incorporate shelves and hooks behind the range so that frequently used items are  always near. These can include oils used for cooking and different spices that you use often, utensils that are frequently used and pots and pans you find yourself always using.

These are the top 5 tips you can incorporate in your kitchen renovation design. Keep these in mind can help you design a great kitchen that serves not only as a cooking spot but also a non-cook friendly place to hang around it.

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