These outdoor spaces from the Dwell community are perfect for warm summer nights. Take a peek at the tranquil, plant-filled backyards, gardens, and courtyards that caught our editor’s eye this week.

Open corner

Featured homes were submitted by members of the Dwell community through our Add a Home feature. Add your home to today.

1. M3 House

Architect: OLARQ Osvaldo Luppi Architects, Location: Bendinat, Spain 

From the architect: “In a search for privacy and views to the sea, the starting compact volume is broken up to open up a courtyard. A complex series of transparencies, reflections, and long views across the patio strengthens the continuous presence of endless spaces.”

Photo by Mauricio Fuertes

2. Oatlands

Architect: SOUP Architects, Location: England, United Kingdom

From the architect: “A new extensive planting scheme has been incorporated into the works to soften the buildings into the extended garden. The new buildings have been constructed from a contrasting light-gray brick, with sedum roofs to the studio, and ground-floor extensions softening the house further into the garden setting.”

Photo by Andy Matthews

3. Port Ludlow House

Architect: FINNE Architects, Location: Port Ludlow, Washington

From the architect: “The east-facing house is sited along a high bank, with a wonderful view of the water. The main living volume is completely glazed, with glass walls facing the view, and large sliding glass doors that open to a slightly raised wood deck, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space. During the warm summer months, the living area feels like a large, open porch. Anchoring the north end of the living space is a two-story building volume containing several bedrooms and separate his/her office spaces.”

South side of house, with 6-ft roof overhangs and large sliding glass panels

South side of house, with 6-ft roof overhangs and large sliding glass panels

Photo by Benjamin Benschneider

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