Rustic, sleek, or colorful, these stunning modern exterior designs know how to make a good first impression. Take a peek at some of our favorite homes from the Dwell community this week that shine from the outside in.

The house from the road.

Featured homes were submitted by members of the Dwell community through our Add a Home feature. Add your home to today.

1. Race Thru the Clouds

Location: Los Angeles, California

From the project uploader: “Paying homage to a former roller coaster on its site, Race Thru the Clouds is a semi-urban house that takes on some of the characteristics of the site’s former inhabitant. Its Iron Man-like front facade with a tilted overscale window simulate the ascent of a roller coaster on its mountainous tracks. Foundation piers for the hundred year old roller coaster were found during geotechnical explorations – [the] concrete columns that support the house were modeled after these.”

Front facade

Front facade

Photo by Eric Staudenmaier

2. Deertrack Lane

Architect: Jeff Jordan Architects, Location: Irvington, New York

From the architect: “Deertrack Lane was a 1960’s era two level home that needed a spark. Our focus was on reworking the entryway, stair and interior and exterior living areas to address our clients’ interest in a more comfortable and livable home. Through the strategic removal of interior walls, the addition of a new soaring roof over the living space and the inclusion of lots of new windows, the somewhat dark and confined house was turned into a bright and airy oasis set amidst the trees.”

Front facade

Front facade

Photo by Gregory Maka

3. Morell House

Architect: Vibe Design Group, Location: Mornington, Victoria, Australia

From the architect: “Morell House is the latest home on the Mornington Peninsula from Vibe Design Group. An exercise in form and volume, this building offers something special from every angle. Stepped, interconnected boxes, undulate with the terrain and define the character of the exterior. The interior which is centered around a full height void, conjures connection between upper living spaces and kids play zones on the lower level. As you progress through the building, what was a glimpse of greenery upon entering becomes a curated visual connection to the mature English Oak Tree, a focal point of the site.”

Photo: Vibe Design Group

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