What we wouldn’t give to get some beauty sleep in these dreamy bedrooms submitted by the Dwell community.

Pole Pass Retreat | Olson Kundig

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1. Contrast House

The white walls of the master suite, located on the top floor of the house,  reflect sunlight, allowing the room to be bathed in a natural glow. Integrated with the roof deck, a green roof provides a cooling effect for the upper floors and absorbs rainwater, preventing run-off.

The white walls of the master suite of Contrast House reflect sunlight, allowing the room to be bathed in a natural glow. DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design integrated a green roof to provide a cooling effect for the upper floors and absorb rainwater.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Arban and Bob Gundu

Architect: DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design, Location: Toronto, Canada

From the architect: “Employing the use of contrast in a historic neighborhood and as a means to amplify natural light, the design juxtaposes opposing elements to explore the relationship between light and dark, old and new. The primary design challenge was to increase natural light in the space, accomplished through both physical and perceptual means. Contrasting elements are placed in proximity to visually intensify the natural light spilling down from the large openings above. The monochromatic palette highlights the house’s architectural forms, and is animated by the family’s collection of colorful objects, furniture, art, books, and toys, as well as the original stained glass window and views to the outdoors.”

2. Pole Pass Retreat

Pole Pass Retreat | Olson Kundig

The upper level of Pole Pass Retreat by Olson Kundig consists of a single bedroom that cantilevers out beyond the enclosed volume below to create a covered, outdoor storage space at the rear of the house. The second story looks out over the drought-resistant, planted roof of the main level, giving the sense of floating above the lawn and water beyond. 

Photo: Benjamin Benschneider

Architect: Olson Kundig, Location: Orcas Island, Washington

From the architect: “Nestled into a dense, wooded shoreline site, this intimate retreat serves as a gathering space for friends and family throughout the year, but takes particular advantage of the temperate Pacific Northwest summers. Located near the main house on a site accessed by boat, Pole Pass is situated to hug the dense woods while directing views out over the meadow and nearby harbor to the Salish Sea.” 

3. Sterling Ridge

Master Bedroom

The high-ceilinged master bedroom of Sterling Ridge enjoys unobstructed views of the surrounding forest.

Photo: Jeff Rudy

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