A lot of people have made their pets as a part of all the festivals and social events. Pets are the part of the family and they are listed as one of a family member when they are introduced to someone. Being a family member, they also demand to be treated as a family member with all of the needed necessities of life which includes eating, sleeping, trips, playing, bathing and dressing. Shopping of your pet animal is also a major necessity of your pets. Or else you can even make their clothes by yourself.

Homemade Pet Costume Ideas

Many people consider making the homemade clothes. And the ones who count their pets in the Halloween festival also find it difficult to buy costumes, as they are expensive. Now, you can include your furry friends in the Halloween celebrations by making the handmade costumes for them. You just have to focus on making use of soft and lightweight materials to make your pets comfortable in the costume. No doubt that Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dogs. These dogs are loved by everyone because of their appearance, majorly their long hair. Different Yorkshire terrier haircuts make them more attractive. Although, there is only variation is their haircut, long or short. So, if you are making homemade costumes for them, make use of small things and don’t obstruct their movement, eyes or mouth. Don’t worry about the designs of your costumes. We are here to help you out with this confusion.

Below are the 5 homemade pet costume ideas you may consider

Black cat costume:

Homemade Pet Costume Ideas

For a black cat costume, it’s so easy to make use of a black t-shirt, mostly of a kid. Turn the black t-shirt on the body of your cat. All it demands is the cutting out of the sleeves. For making it more comfortable so that your pet may not get irritated, you can cut a slit from the neck area of the t-shirt. Further, for the final touch, you can cover the elastic band with the black felt pieces. The elastic band will get fit perfectly. Or else you can paint the black t-shirt with white fabric paint. Only paint a straight line stripe so that it looks the sweet costume.

If you’re checking these costumes to get your pet ready for some kind of costume party or Halloween party then, you must have to pick something for your too. Why don’t you check some amazing costume ideas to try.

Bride’s dress costume:

Homemade Pet Costume Ideas

The bride’s dress costume needs a white t-shirt of a kid. Cut down the sleeves of the t-shirt. Stich the soft and fine net, majorly of nylon or silk material to the sleeves, by keeping the ends folded narrow. This will make a costume worn on the ballet performance. Pick a white headband and attach the extra net of nylon to it with the help of glue, for making a veil. If you have a pair of pets, you can also make the groom’s dress. Take a black t-shirt and paint it with the white fabric paint. Make a bow tie from black ribbons for making it look super cute.

Monster Mash:

Homemade Pet Costume Ideas

If you want to make your pet look ghostly and mysterious, you may go for a skeletal costume or a mummy one. Make a print of the image of skeletal and paint the bones structures on the black t-shirt. The painting of the bones maybe not be done perfectly. Make the paint to dry and put the t-shirt on your pet. In contrast, to make a mummy costume will demand a more hard work. Wrap a gauze or you can also wrap your pet directly by the long white sheet. Make sure that wrapping should not be done so tightly that the pet has difficulty in breathing and don’t cover the paws, ears, and face. Even let the wrapping strips to dry well before putting on your pet.

Costumes that resembles nature:

Homemade Pet Costume Ideas

The making of the costumes which can take to back to nature requires a lot of creativity and designs. For making flower costume you have to cut the petals. The petals are then attached around the elastic band. The petals can of any color you like. After making the head back, take a green colored t-shirt and cut it sleeves. You can put the green tee on your pet as a stem. You can also make the butterfly wings. Draw the shape of the butterfly on the cardboard of different colors and cut them out. You can also attach the colorful wings to the black t-shirt, your costume is ready.

Foodie costume:

Homemade Pet Costume Ideas

You can make a hot dog costume for your pet. Measure the length of your pets back and cut the bun shaped craft foam. Cut down the yellow and red strips for giving the ketchup and mustard look. Attach these cuts together on the pink t-shirt and put it on your pet.

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