Many things in a kid’s or toddler’s life are not built for their size. They experience a world where things are too small (things from their life as a baby) and things are too big (what other people have and the house in general). Kids are at a point in their psychological development where they begin to see the distinction between themselves and the other people around them. Having something made  specially for their height and size makes them feel important. When they have their own table and chairs it will comfort them because they will see a piece of their mini world in their homes.

Talking about the material of the sets. Some of people might question the use of wood for children’s sets instead of plastic. What about taking a look at some of the main benefits and features wood has to offer you and your child. The strength and durability of wood are exceptional, moreover, it does not contain any harmful toxins, and neither is it treated with chemicals and more. Reputable manufacturing that uses only high-quality wood and when taken care of, would you be able to keep your child’s first table set for them so that they can pass it on to their children.

With all the advantages of kids wood table and chair set mentioned above, what makes you not willing to get one for your children? Or maybe you need to find some inspirations about the look of the set to ensure your decision. Don’t worry, we’ve already collect our top 13 choice of coolest kids wood table and chair set ideas for your young bunch. Here, take a look!

1. White and Wooden Textured Color

Look at the combination of wood texture and white color in this set of kids table and chair. Beautiful and of course will fit the room’s interior easily. Make sure your kids love the design of their property too.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 1
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2. Sleek Black Polished Wood

Sleek black is always good for a table set. But look at this idea, how cute the set come in the kids size, that will make your kids will have a cool thing as their property.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 2
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3. Cute Shapes and Natural Wooden Look

The shapes of kids wood table and chair set is really matter, because it has to be designed for cheerful and dynamic kids world. This idea of wooden table and chair set is a good thing to adopt for your little one. Simple color and texture but with some interesting shape that would give a point for the kids.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 3
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4. White Round Table and Chair Set

Safe and beautiful. Round table is the most safe shape of table for kids, because it doesn’t have sharp edges that would possibly hurt the kids if they accidentally hit the table. This idea of white round table and chair set will give a good look and safety for your kids. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get one!

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 4
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5. Pink and White Combination

This idea is perfect for your lovely little girls. Imagine they will have a proper place to do their crafts, homework, books, or just have a simple chit chat is just priceless. Get them one and get them their precious moments everyday.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 5
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6. White and Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are perfect. They even make kids table set looks beautiful. Just like the idea shown by the picture below. Adopt it and let your kids have a beautiful table set to do their works.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 6
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7. Elegant Dark Wooden Set

Well, what is getting them one of this set of elegant dark wood table and chair set? It is so fun to see a mini version of their parent’s furniture, right?

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 7
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8. Deep Colors

Deep colors looks good for emphasizing the room’s beauty. But what if kids don’t like it? Let’s combine your interest with the kids with choosing some colorful color for the table and chair set, still in the deep color.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 8
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9. Brown Round Table and Chairs with Backrest

Unique shape also gives an interesting point for a kids furniture. Just like what you can adopt from this idea of brown round table and chairs with its half round backrest.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 9
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10. Minimalist and Natural Look

Well, your kids’ furniture can be stylish, too. This idea is one of a good idea to adopt if you are looking for a minimalist design of wooden table and chair set for your children.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 10
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11. Dino Themed

What a fun theme of wood table and chair set! It might be good for a preschool, but it also can be fun for your kids to have one at their house.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 11
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12. Outdoor Set

Make them explore more with outdoor furniture. This set of wooden picnic table set is a good idea to adopt if you need an inspiration.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 12
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13. Mini Classic Set

Who says there is no way a classic design can fit for your kids furniture? Look at his idea of mini classic wood table and chair set. A very unique touch you can give for your children’s room.

Kids Wood Table and Chair Set 13
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After all, no matter what type of kids wood table and chair sets you choose, you’ll be adding an important piece of furniture to your home. Choose it wisely and make your children happy by the function and the look of their wood table and chair set.

Good luck for your decision. If you are looking for another kind of ‘mini-world’ furniture for your kids, you might interested in our post about Kidkraft Corner Kitchen Collections.

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