There are a lot of IKEA fans out there and we are among them. That’s why we started analyzing the new items from this functional deco store and picked out top ten favorites. Check them out and do tell us which one is your favorite:

1. The cool storage utility

This chic storage item can find its way in any of your dreamy rooms. You can add it in your bedroom and store your favorite t-shirts or accessories. Another good ideas is to place it in your hallway, in your office space or add in on your terrace to give the space an industrial look. This item is very versatile and works in both an eclectic or minimal space.

2. The rattan closet

This dreamy storage utility will bring an exotic vibe in your interior and it’s also perfect for a vacation home. You can add it in your bathroom to make it look like a spa, on your big balcony for a Moroccan vibe or in your bedroom for a more relaxing feeling. Match it with beautiful spring flowers and other neutrals for a calm vibe.

3. Pop of color

This colorful couch will bring a warm and welcoming vibe into your home. Mix with mid century furniture and deco items, add a big oversized painting next to it and some blue items for a great contrast. It’s also perfect for a home with blue walls or with a lot of green plants.

4. Easy like a Sunday morning

This is the perfect vacation chair and can be perfect for your living room, terrace and also kitchen or dining space. It’s really comfortable, has a great design and will bring an exotic vibe into your home. Match it with big green plants or colorful branches and a neutral table.

5. The exotic coffee table

This is the perfect coffee table for a country side home or a chic vacation house. It can also be used as a bench next to a neutral bed or for a dreamy terrace as a storage item. It’s versatile, exotic and it will make anything looking dreamy.

6. The retro glass panel

This beautiful panel will look lovely in a retro or elegant living room or a dreamy bedroom where it can show all you beautiful accessories. This item will also make your dresser looking like the store of your dreams.

7. The industrial coffee table

After you serve your coffee, you can use this practical and cool table to store things from your living room. You can also roll it down and use it in your kitchen and bedroom for storage, because it’s versatile and functional. It’s the perfect item for a modern home!

8. Dream of pink

This cute pink coffee table can be stored anywhere because it’s very practical. So add it in an eclectic living room when you have guests or make a chic home picnic in your balcony.

9. The dreamy rocking chair

This cool and relaxing rocking chair is perfect for a boho chic interior or for a ’70 home. You can add it anywhere – from your balcony, bedroom or living room and it will the perfect item for the nook you’ve always dreamed of.

10. The perfect flower accessory

Solrosfro is the new cool flower table that you can and on your dreamy balcony or terrace. But, that’s not all! You can also use it as a cool chair for your bathroom products, as a chic nightstand for your bedroom or as a trendy accessory for your living room. Practical, right?

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