Top 10 Philippines: On Tour with Flying The Nest

Top 10 Philippines: On Tour with Flying The Nest

If you haven’t been following along as Stephen and Jess of Flying The Nest travel through the Philippines, you’ve been seriously missing out. The couple have been exploring, tasting, and adventuring their way through this gorgeous part of the world, and we’ve been thrilled to watch their travels! The only problem? They experienced so many amazing things, they couldn’t fit them all in their videos! To make up for it, they’re giving us bonus content, exclusive to TourRadar – and today, they’re telling us all about their top ten experiences in the Philippines!


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There are always new experiences to be had when you travel, but one of the best parts of travelling on a tour is that you can discover places and things you may not have ever had the opportunity to otherwise! Stephen and Jess agree; they count their visit to El Nido and their incredible camping trip on an active volcano as two of their favourite experiences, and it’s easy to see why from the incredible footage they’ve captured.

Of course, everyone knows that some of the best travel memories come with food! Stephen and Jess ate their way through the Philippines, and they encourage everyone else who visits this beautiful country to do the same. You don’t have to ask us twice!

The Philippines is home to some seriously beautiful spots – from 2000-year-old rice terraces to one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World to the “Small Lagoon,” a perfect area for kayaking, you’ll find yourself gasping with every new sight. Is there such a thing as too much natural beauty? Of course not.

It’s not just about natural beauty, though. Also ranking high on Stephen and Jess’ list of experiences in the Philippines is a stroll through the streets of Manila. This fast-paced city is home to markets, shopping, great food, and, of course, some great photo-ops. Be sure to explore and chat with some of the locals – especially since meeting them comes in at number 8 on Stephen and Jess’ list.

Have we convinced you that the Philippines are paradise yet? Good! If you can’t resist their call for any longer, head over to TourRadar and find the best deals on this itinerary and plenty of other incredible tours to the Philippines.

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