The homes we see on the Big Screen often become the inspiration for what we do with our own houses. Therefore, movies ultimately become the hinge on which we start basing our ideas and mental mood boards on.

So today, we’ve compiled a list of some exciting home décor ideas from certain movies. No matter what your home decor style is, this list of 10 movies will inspire you to make some new changes in your home. Romantic movies or comedies will inspire you with modern classic or traditional decor ideas, Sci-Fi or action movies will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and modernize your home with cool furniture and different gadgets.

You will find something for each lifestyle – from the soft, romantic decoration to modern furniture to the sharp edges of an industrial look to classic cozy furniture for traditional lifestyle. So let’s have a look:

Be Boho Chic with “It’s Complicated”

It’s Complicated movie set design

Nobody in this world can resist a good rom-com – especially if it has a wonder like Meryl Streep starring in it. Jane’s Santa Barbara home is one of the best artsy Boho Chic creations you’ll ever see. The use of plush furniture with distressed accents throughout the room creates a balanced backdrop for the more eclectic elements of the room. It’s homey, comfortable and inviting. You can certainly take inspiration from some aspects – be it furniture selection, the layout of implementing accents.

Go Futuristic with the “Avengers” Tower

Avengers movie set decor

Who in the world is not raving about Marvel’s Avenger’s franchise right now? While the last blockbuster movie left us on the edges of our seats, its predecessors have also certainly given us some fantastic décor ideas. The futuristic style of design is perfect for those who love the sleek edginess of modernism. The stylish mini bar is a real attraction in the public zone of the tower.

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