Looking for the best LED shower head? After extensive research, we’ve made the top 10 list of the best options of every type of LED shower heads.

If you want to turn your bathroom into a spa, one of the options you have is getting an LED shower head. Granted, it’s just a small part of bathroom decor, but it can have a big impact. It’s a lot of fun too!

From colored lights for the show to functional LED shower heads. We have covered all types of accessories based on several criteria, such as the lighting, water filtering, make and ease of installation. We’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

DreamSpa Chrome Color Changing LED Shower Head

DreamSpa Chrome Color Changing LED shower head

When it comes to LED shower heads, DreamSpa is the pioneer in the field. Their shower heads are showroom worthy and functional. So if you’re looking for a quality product, you can be sure you’ll get it here.

This chrome faced LED shower head changes color based on temperature. You’ll quickly get used to it. Blue means cool, green – warm, red – hot. Pulsing hot indicates a very hot temperature that can be dangerous. No getting burnt or unpleasantly chilled again!

The lights are water powered, so there’s no need for batteries ever. In addition to all its features, you’ll love getting a shower in the dark while enjoying the romantic colored LED lights of this shower head.

Why it’s our pick? It’s Amazon’s choice and we agree to it. Over a thousand positive customer reviews can’t be wrong. Available on Amazon.

PISSION Color Changing Showerhead Handheld LED

Pission handheld color changing LED shower head

This LED shower head burst in color! It’s an excellent option for your kids’ bathroom. Well, we’re pretty sure adults will enjoy the shower disco as well!

This handheld showerhead comes with 7-color LED lights that will change color automatically with water pressure.…

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