Looking for the best Halloween inflatables to make your outdoor decorations stand out? Here are our top 10 picks to choose from.

There are many ways to create outdoor Halloween decorations, but nothing stands out better than big lighted inflatables. They’ve been a hit in recent years, and it’s a lot of fun having one in your front yard for Halloween. It’s a great way to attract compliments and have pictures of your Halloween scene taken.

So, to help you out we’ve picked the best 10 Halloween inflatables for you to choose from in 2018. We’ve put a lot of thought in examining these products and selecting the best. A great prop should evoke certain emotions, and in the case of Halloween, they should scare and engage people. The product also has to be quality-made, easy to use and serve you for more than one season.

Check out this top list and choose the inflatables that you like the most.

Pumpkin Family Halloween Inflatable

Pumpkin family Halloween inflatable

Want something that looks cute and festive? Go with the pumpkin family Halloween inflatable. It consists of seven pumpkins (and a cat), and it’s a 7 feet wide prop. It inflates and illuminates automatically and looks just like the picture.

The only small caveat is that the cat might not be visible at night (well, it’s black) but you can easily highlight it with other lights.

Why it’s our pick? It’s an inexpensive Halloween inflatable that looks just like advertised. You can’t go wrong with it. It’s available on Amazon.

Animated Black Cat Halloween Inflatable

Animated black cat Halloween inflatable

If you’re looking for Halloween inflatables that stand out, this animated black cat will make heads turn. It’s six feet long, has the bright red LED eyes, and its head is spinning for the animated effect. It’s one of those props that is impressive enough to give it a name.…

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