Looking for floor pillows to introduce some stylish extra seating space? Here are the top 10 best floor pillows to choose from.

Have you ever hosted your guests and ran out of seating space? That’s an awkward situation to be in. The solution is to have extra seating space ready at all times. Unfortunately, you can’t clutter up your space with all those extra chairs.

That’s when floor pillows come in handy. They don’t take up much space and they can be stored away easily. They can also work as beautiful decor accents. All you have to do is choose some for your home.

We’ve gone ahead and examined a lot of floor pillows to find the best. Here’s our list of the top 10 best pillows for you to choose from.

Japanese Floor Pillow Cushion

Japanese floor pillow cushion

Japanese floor pillows are very versatile and attractive as decor accessories. It can be used as floor pillows, chair cushions, or bay window cushions, as well as meditation pillows. Their square design is fitting everywhere, and you have a wide choice of fabric patterns.

We like these particular Japanese pillows because they are well made, durable, and there’s a choice of several different patterns. We’re sure you’ll love them too.

Why it’s our pick? These are the best floor pillows as far as Japanese pillows go at this price point. Available on Amazon.

Mandala Life ART Bohemian Large Floor Pillow

Mandala Life Bohemian large floor pillow

Mandala art is trendy nowadays and if you’re looking for some up to date accents in your home decor. Getting a floor pillow in this style is one way to add them. This large pillow is not only stylish, but quality made too.

The filler of the pillow is firm enough to work as seating (you won’t sink into it). The fabric is not only well designed in Mandala pattern, but it’s made of 100% organic cotton too.…

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