For the past 20 years, Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing wrinkles. It is much cheaper plastic surgery, but deters many list of side effects. Meanwhile, there are alternatives to the «beauty shots», which can be easily and safely applied at home.

1. Creams and serums with peptides

Топ-10 секретов красоты, которые могут заменить ботокс

Cosmetics with peptides has exactly the same mechanism of action of the syringe with Botox. It was invented a few years ago, so it is still not found in every other brand of skincare products. Peptides represent a stable formula of protein, operating in three directions: increases the production of collagen, increased protective properties of the skin and relaxing facial muscles. The effect of Botox has Argireline, derived from snake venom. This neuropeptide inhibits the transmission of signals from nerve endings to the muscles responsible for facial expressions. Motor activity is reduced, and thereby smooth wrinkles.

2. Patches for sleep

Signs of aging are most evident on the forehead and glabellar area. Surprisingly, the most primitive means of wrinkles, known since the beginning of the last century, became widely known only now. A napkin with a greasy cream, which was attached to the forehead of Hollywood stars, replaced patches of hard paper. Made of hypoallergenic material labels sold in special sets. To use them you need every day before going to sleep, after inflicting on the skin any cream.

3. Balls for massage

Топ-10 секретов красоты, которые могут заменить ботокс

Fitness trainer Yamuna from the United States, faced with a reduction in skin elasticity, decided to develop his own method of recovery. She created elastic balls for facial massage that easily fits in your hand. Moving the massager on the skin, Yamuna removed the sagging and the nasolabial folds in just a few weeks. She is already 60 years old, but she still looks much younger than his age and is not going to buy cosmetics.

4. Peeling with fruit acids

Microdermabrasion on the basis of pineapple or citrus acid is less dangerous than the same procedure with the use of chemicals. AHA acids remove the top layer of the epidermis, reducing the depth of wrinkles and their severity. Cabin option inconvenient need for a long rehabilitation after the skin begins to redden and peel, making it impossible to apply makeup during the week at least. Home exfoliate enzyme peeling with pineapple is not enough one treatment, but it goes unnoticed to others.

5. The mask of egg white

Топ-10 секретов красоты, которые могут заменить ботокс

Mix egg whites and lemon juice originally sung by the bloggers and fans of handmade cosmetics like whitening solution, tightens pores. But a high collagen content reduces the number of small horizontal wrinkles and accelerates skin repair. If the composition of citrus perfect for owners of oily epidermis, for dry it will be too aggressive. Juice can be replaced with honey, yogurt or oatmeal.

6. Revolutionary natural cream for smoothing

Foreign bloggers have been able to develop 100% natural cream with striking properties. Just a week use as a day and night moisturizer you can almost erase the signs of aging. The ingredients are quite cheap and are suitable for any skin type. To prepare the cream you will need 2 tsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp olive, 1 tsp honey and 1 egg yolk. Melt coconut oil on a steam bath, it needs to whip into a homogeneous mass with the rest. The mixture retains the properties in the refrigerator for 14 days.

7. Dietary supplements with collagen and hyaluronic acid

Топ-10 секретов красоты, которые могут заменить ботокс

To the complexes called «dietary supplements» are not indifferent nobody. They were either abused, or consider a full replacement drugs. And sometimes the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, if bad, see «building materials» of the skin and muscles. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are synthesized by the body but with age this process slows down considerably. To get from food, as vitamin C, is not possible — and here in the course are magic pills. They strengthen the oval of the face and hydrate cells from the inside, what can not no cream.

8. Shea Butter

The fact that women in Africa are not familiar with age-related changes, surprises all readers of the gloss. Models from the continent say in an interview that not using the services of cosmetologists and do not adhere to the secret beauty rituals. African girl from a young age, use Shea butter as a primary means of skin care face, body, hair. They add it into the mask and smear on the face instead of a cream applied to the hair as a leave in conditioner. Thick rich texture solid vegetable fat rich in vitamins A, E and F and natural sun filters.

9. Water diet

Топ-10 секретов красоты, которые могут заменить ботокс

To save money on buying hialuronowy additives can, if you saturate the body with liquid scheme water diet. It was originally created for weight loss by controlling the use of fluorescent standards of drinking water. You want to drink two glasses of water before each meal. It fills the skin with moisture and gives the skin a natural glow not worse special dietary Supplements.

10. Acupuncture

The secret to erasing wrinkles from the face sign of the Chinese aristocracy since ancient times, they use the services of massage therapists, transmitting the secrets of acupuncture from generation to generation. Technique called Gua Sha: it smoothes and improves blood circulation in tissues. To face greased with a moisturizing gel or cream, apply the spoon and lead it along the massage lines.