Chairs….we know a lot about them since they’re basically in every home but there’s always so much t be surprised by when it comes to their designs or even the types of chairs that one can choose from. Today we want to talk about that one chair that’s special, that stands out from all the others, that has its own special place in your home. We’ll look at a few designs and options and we’ll try to offer you some suggestions in terms of how you can make the most of each accent chair.

There are a lot of comfortable chairs out there and while some only offer the illusion of comfort by looking cozy, the ones that we’re interested in take things further and are created with this specific detail in mind. One of these options is the Archibald Gran Comfort lounge chair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. It’s one of the best options if you want to set up a cozy reading corner.

The Cloud Armchair designed by Massimo Castagna is very comfortable as well. This is a chair made with non-deformable polyurethane foam in different densities combined with polyester fiber and a wooden structure that’s completely hidden. The chair has small wooden feet with a black lacquer finish which are basically impossible to spot. The chair thus appears to be floating which greatly complements its robustness.

When it comes to accent chairs, the idea is that they’re singular and stand out from other chairs in the house through their design which seamlessly combines looks with comfort. One such example is the Ficus chair. It has a clean and sleek design with a thin metal base and an undulating seat moulded after the human body. It’s like sitting in a blossoming flower.

The role of an accent role in some cases is to become a visual focal point for the space and to direct the attention towards a particular spot. Sometimes that is ensured by a design that’s sculptural and just a little bit theatrical, like that of the Quinaquina chair. It’s a swivel chair with a circular wooden base and an octagonal body.

The design of the Dolores chair is inspired by Italian furniture from the 1960s. This gives the chair a classy and elegant look which in this case also has a casual and funky vibe. The chair features a solid beech wood frame and a cushioned seat with curving back and arm rests combined into a single upholstered panel. The multicolored velvet upholstery is eye-catching in its own quirky way.

It’s pretty difficult to say what makes cool chairs look cool in the first place, mostly because there are so many different possibilities and so many little details capable of giving that impression. For the Fringes armchair it would obviously have to be the fringes. However, not any chair could pull off such a look which means that it’s important to look at this design detail in the context of the design as a whole.

The Polaire chair has its own way of being special. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that the backrest has this slit down the center which basically splits it into two separate halves. It’s definitely an unusual way of suggesting the idea of comfort but it actually works. Moreover, this unexpected design detail makes this piece a great candidate for the title of cool accent chair. The fact that the tapered legs match the color of the upholstery is pretty nice and quirky too.

What about designs that are actually pretty common-looking and simple? They can be awesome too. This, for example, is a Cinova armchair and it’s one of the most comfortable-looking chairs ever. It’s also simple and classic enough to look exquisite in pretty much any type of living room, office or bedroom.

The Gleda High Chair stands out in yet another way. This is an accent chair that looks lightweight and slender as well as super comfortable. It actually comes in three versions: with a low, medium or high backrest. We absolutely love its timeless and elegant design, the smooth edges, curves and the sculptural frame made of solid oak. The patinated brass rail is a very cool detail as well. The cushions are available in either fabric or leather and there are various combinations you can choose from in terms of materials overall.

This is the Gleda Medium chair, a version of the one showed just before this. As its big brother, this version of the Gleda chair has a frame made of solid oak. It lacks the armrests and the brass rail and this gives it a light and cozy look. The leather cushions match the frame in terms of color and give the chair an elegant and refined appearance. Other options are available too.

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