This morning I woke up early with a good mood and decided to edit the two garments that were made two week ago. I’m 90% procent done with editing, this week I will maybe upload the first video otherwise next week, that is a promise! So, why haven’t I been on Youtube? Well, I was annoyed by Youtube and I still am to be honest, because some idiots love to abuse the website but hopefully next month everything will be fine again. Also a lot of things has been changed in the weeks I haven’t been on Youtube such as the ad-apocalypse drama. Every Youtuber is broke now, haha.

 last week I received my reserve battery! Now when the battery is empty, I can take the other one and continue without waiting for two hours for the battery to be full again. This is super ideal and it will help to make the filming proces faster.  I don’t know why it took me so long to buy a second battery, haha. It had crossed my mind for months, oh well, better late than never they say.

 Im going to enjoy the weather while I can! See you in the next post or video.



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