The tube dress is definitely not for the faint hearted as it literally leaves no space for imagination or subterfuge. Which means that if you are even a little bit conscious about the way you look or the way your body is shaped, then you should rethink your choice of a tube dress. First of all, the tube dress as the name suggests is basically a dress that is shaped like a tube and if this definition does not strike a chord, then just think tube top but longer. Now that you have a picture of what it is going to be like in your mind, you would know what we meant by saying that you have to be confident to wear this. The thing is we know that there are many types of dresses out there and each one has its own place and the occasion it is right for but not all dresses work on all women. Even then we recommend that you know about the types of dresses every woman should know about so that you have all the facts before making a choice.







We are sure that the tube dress would look awesome on a woman who looks good, is comfortable about her body, and is confident about wearing one. It could as well be one of those simple and stylish solid color dresses that one could wear, when one wants to look her best but not in an obvious way. Of course, you will have to be aware that this is not the kind of dress you would wear to meet your in-laws for the first time. We would suggest something more on the lines of absolutely feminine and delicate eyelash lace dresses.







The tube dress by definition is a difficult dress to pull off. This is because it is a dress that defies gravity and does not depend on the support of straps to hold it up. Which means that you buy it for a certain shape and ensure that you stay that way; you can neither afford to lose weight nor can you afford to put on too much. But contrarily, the losing weight in this instance, would be more disastrous than gaining it. What is more, there is a good chance that it could also make the wearer a bit insecure about the way it holds on, resulting in a bit of tugging the dress upwards. While we don’t really blame you for doing that, we would suggest that you not indulge in this practice due to two reasons.







One of the reasons being the more obvious one – nothing looks worse than an attractive woman in a gorgeous dress constantly fiddling with it. The other one being that you will loosen the elastic of the dress by constantly tugging it up which defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Which is why we advise you to take your time while buying the dress. Take a few minutes after you try it on and move around, sit, bend and make some moves before you conclude that you can wear the dress and that it fits right.







Invest in the right kind of undergarments to go with the tube dress. The right bra without visible seams and straps is essential to ensure that the dress has a nice shape and does not lose its lovely lines. In the same way you will also need to add other undergarments that are as forgiving to the clinginess of the dress while providing the support required. As far as accessories are concerned, don’t go overboard because the dress in itself will get you attention aplenty and you do not want to overdo it.

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