Summer is the most draining of all four seasons. Mainly, for people who work continuously outdoors, taking simple protective measures such as drinking enough liquids and putting on light clothing in summer are good choices to avoid health difficulties. As soon as you enter your home, you tend to switch on air conditioners to sit and relax. Everyone has experienced struggle through the heat of a burning June afternoon. And in such situations, 

How to Maintain Your AC Unit

However, little regular maintenance can go a long way. Have you ever gone through the problem with your air conditioner giving out hot air instead of cooling your room? This issue can get on your head during the hot summers, and it is no fun if the A/C is not cooling your house is not cooling, but it can happen. There are many reasons why your air conditioning system is not in a proper state. So before you set an appointment for a maintenance visit of your air conditioner, here are some ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.

  1. Changing and cleaning of filthy air filter: Why is your split or window AC not cooling? The most common cause is the dirty or blocked air filters. If the AC filter is not clean, or blocked with dust or dirt, it might cause various problems. It could obstruct the proper working of the thermostat. Dust in the AC filters obstructs the passage of cool and warm air inside the tubes. It could make the evaporator coil freeze, therefore blocks cool air from the exit. So, changing air filters when required would help you immensely if your air conditioner is not cooling your home.
  2. Dirty outside cabin: Over time, things like leaves, dirt, and grass clippings get stuck outside of your air conditioner, decreasing system power and reducing airflow in and out. Cleaning the outside cabin helps the system to breathe promptly.
  3. Cleaning the coils of the working unit: Cleaning the coils is critical for airflow to cool down the whole system of the air conditioner. Outdoor condenser coils can also become very dirty if the outdoor environment is dusty or if they cover undergrowth.
  4. Fixing or changing faulty motors: The inside heat cannot find its way out if the fan of the inside unit is not functioning as it should. It interferes with the cooling ability of a conditioning unit.
  5. Broken compressor: The compressor is the most vital part of the system of the air conditioner. It acts as a bridge between the evaporator and condenser. Therefore, a damaged compressor cannot cool air well enough.


Most homeowners can do some rudimentary servicing and may be able to resolve the issue with your air conditioner. Usually, it is better to get some experienced mechanics to look at it from time to time. They can ensure a smooth and ideal running of your AC unit. But you shall always wonder how often you should get your air conditioner checked? The answer to this question is you should get it examined every 2-3 months to enhance the competence and productivity of the air conditioner. It is because an unmaintained AC system can bring up your electric bills, in addition to being poorly operational in cooling your home. Taking adequate care and giving it an overhaul before running it for a long time will help you bring down the cost of maintenance and buying new parts. But this seems a little bit time-consuming and requires sufficient working knowledge of air conditioners. The trusted and well-trained professionals will make sure your AC runs effectively. However, there are also times that you’ll need to make the call to your local air conditioner service provider for regular maintenance.

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