Have you heard about infrared heaters? Do you know what they are used for? If you haven’t seen one so far and you have no idea what we are talking about, you should read this article. Infrared heaters are large heating providers suitable for open, wide spaces like airports, factories or warehouses. They have numerous benefits, including good cost-efficiency report, they are easy to use and adapt. As you can imagine, infrared heating supplies are necessary during cold winters, because they can fulfil the need for extra heating when your original system cannot work properly.

Infrared heaters are cost effective and practical, but still require an investment. If you want to enjoy their practicability and characteristics to the full, you have to maintain them following some simple rules. If an infrared heater is used properly, you can have it for a long time. Here are some simple rules for keeping the equipment running as much as possible.

Humidity needs to be monitored

Infrared heaters register top performance when the relative humidity in the heated area is around 30%. For optimal performance, the area you’re heating should have 30% relative humidity. This is the minimum value for the air to start creating condensation. There is no problem if the humidity is a little over or below this value, but the difference shouldn’t be very big.

Make sure that the infrared heater is placed correctly

If you want to benefit from your infrared heater’s full performance, you should always make sure that it is placed correctly. This means that the device should be placed with the front towards what needs to be heated and with the back towards a wall. In this way, the heat reaches the targeted place and no unnecessary objects are heated while keeping the temperature regulated.

The infrared heater should receive annual maintenance

It is a certain fact that your infrared heater needs annual maintenance as much as any other electrical device you constantly use. Even if you think that your heater works perfectly and doesn’t need any revision or maintenance, don’t take its’ good functionality for granted! So far, you noticed that it is safer and more economical to have your equipment checked at least once a year. This process is necessary especially because we are talking about a large heater that is used in industrial conditions and thus it is more exposed to damaging factors.

Revision and maintenance mean changing the air filter, replacing the burner tips and a complete check-up of all the other composing parts. Take this process seriously, because it is cheaper to prevent any damage than to replace the whole infrared heater. You won’t lose anything if you buy an infrared heater for your industrial spaces; on the contrary, you will save money by reducing the energy bills.

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