So you’ve got a green thumb, or you’d like to have one. That’s no surprise. Gardening is a great way to unwind, de-stress and create some peace of mind. Also, a well-kept garden is an asset to your home and a testament to yourself. It gives you a lush space to enjoy on weekends, and after work, and it can impress visitors too.

With all of this in mind, keeping your garden looking its best all year long can get tricky. Let’s check out seven ways you can keep it looking vibrant and fresh, no matter the season.

Invest in Some Popup Sprinklers

Sprinklers are a great way to ensure your garden gets that much needed drink, especially during the hotter summer months. Popup sprinklers are a nifty, space-saving solution that will keep your garden looking its best despite the time of year.


Weeds are every gardener’s worst enemy – and they don’t stop growing. Instead of letting them grow and grow and doing a manic weeding session every few months, do a little bit every day. If you don’t have time every day, set aside some time on the weekend to get down and get your hands dirty. A weed-free garden looks great. While we’re on the topic of weeds…


Prevention is sometimes the best medicine. Notice where the weeds grow the most, and put some decent mulch down in that area. While this isn’t a failsafe solution, it will help to slow the growth of those noxious, noisome intruders.

Winter Gardening

If you think there’s not much you can do for your garden during winter, you’re dead wrong. Winter is a great time to get some much-needed maintenance done. For example, pruning back rose bushes is best done when it’s cold. Other plants that need trimming in winter include hydrangeas, wisteria and grape vines.

Also, if you grow ornamental turf then winter is the best time to trim it back, as well as spraying for pests like bindii.

For those that like to grow their food, sow your radishes, spinach, peas, carrots, leeks and spring onions during winter for a bountiful springtime harvest!

Autumn Planting

As well as being the most beautiful season, when the leaves begin to turn those lovely shades, autumn is a great time for planting. Plant your snapdragons, pansies, primrose, cosmos, petunias and marigolds during autumn.

Give Your Plants Some Room

Plants are like teenagers, they need their space and independence in order to flourish to their full capacity. Novice green thumbs often jam-pack their gardens, which means that their beloved green friends don’t have any room to bloom!

Spread out your trees, shrubs, groundcover and flowers to allow them to establish a good root system that’s not choked out with competitors. Otherwise you’re going to have to go and uproot plants and plant them elsewhere, which can cause them to go into shock and die.

Invest in Low-Maintenance Plants

This is a tip for the time-pressed gardener who wants a lovely garden, without it becoming a second full-time job. Some plants are easier to care for, are hardier and just require less work overall. Some good examples of “plant and leave” plants include jasmine and gardenia – you can pretty much set and forget! Research low-maintenance plants and grab a bunch for your hard.


It doesn’t take much, but you could have a luscious looking lovely garden all year round! Invest in some decent sprinklers and low-maintenance plants, give them all some breathing space, plant according to the seasons, do some basic tasks during winter and lay some mulch if you get tired of weeding. Enjoy yourself and remember, it’s meant to be relaxing.

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