A lounge chair, sometimes referred to as a chaise lounge, is a hybrid between a chair and a sofa. It’s not as robust or as heavy as a sofa but it isn’t as small and as lightweight as a chair either. It’s this hybrid nature that allows it to be more versatile than both concepts that inspired it. But where could you put a chaise lounge chair, assuming that you have the space?The answer is simple: anywhere you want. The living room, the bedroom, home theater, game room, even the office are all spaces that can make a lounge chair fit right in.

The lounge chairs designed for indoor use are quite different from the ones usually used out by the pool, on the deck or on the beach. Check out Dan 2, a lounge chair that looks quite similar to a daybed. It features a comfortable seat and backrest, both made of polyurethane and upholstered with fabric or leather. The structure is made of solid ash wood.

The Jalamar lounger is available in two versions, one for indoor use and one for outdoor areas. The indoor version has foam rubber padding and removable fabric upholstery while the outdoor one features a waterproof protection slip as well as a mold, rot and stain-proof structure.

Some lounge chairs are stylish and sophisticated enough to act as replacements for the living room sofa or loveseat. An example that helps illustrate the idea is the chaise designed by Géraldine Prieur. With its graceful and elegant silhouette it has a lot of potential and it can also look lovely in a lot of different decors.

Some modern lounge chairs seem to defy gravity. Jojo is one of them. This swinging lounger is the modern version of the classic rocking chair. Its frame is fluid and made of curved metal pipes and there are no armrests, the design being intentionally kept this simple.

Lounge chairs are usually paired with side tables, coffee tables, lamps or other types of seating furniture such as sofas and armchairs. The designer of the Duo Seat chose to be bold and to save some space by putting a lounge and armchair together using the same frame. In addition, the structure also has a built-in lamp.

Judging by how cozy and comfortable these Pliee lounge chairs look, wed say they’re simply perfect for spaces like a home theater room or your everyday living room. Their soft and colorful upholstery allows them to stand out visually while the modular nature of the design makes them highly practical and versatile.

Speaking of modern lounge chairs and gravity-defying designs, check out ZERO™, a chaise lounge that features a polished stainless steel base and a simplistic structure attached to it through an angular arm. You can order this piece with your choice of colors and finishes so it fits in your decor perfectly.

Designed by Joris Laarman and produced in a limited edition, the Microstructures Chaise is a true work of art. The chaise debuted in 2015. It’s made of a combination and copper and nickel plated 3D printed polyamide, silk, cotton and wool and it’s always ready to serve as a focal point and to be displayed like a sculpture in a museum.

It’s hard to believe that this elegant design was created in 1964. The Whist Chaise Longue was designed by Olivier Mourgue and has a chrome steel frame and black leather upholstery. It’s still popular and stylish today thanks to its timeless simplicity.

The design of the Trendelenburg lounge chair was influences by the famous Charles and Ray Eames, Florence Knoll and their timeless creations. The intention of the designer was to create a new brand of accessible luxury. The chaise has a very fluid form and appears to be highly comfortable thanks to its foam padding attached to a wood and aluminum frame. It comes in a variety of vivid colors.

Beauty knows no age as proven by the Barcelona Couch which was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930. It’s not nearly as old-looking and as outdated as one might think. In fact, it’s an iconic piece with a lot of character and a modern look…one that never gets old.

Some designs, like that of the Biknit lounge chair, are playful and yet they don’t lose their elegance. This is a design created by Patricia Urquiola in 2012. The chaise has a wooden base and a frame made of metal. The seat is knitted and, from the looks of it, very comfortable.

Inspired by the simplicity and linearity of the design movement of the ’50s and the ’60s, the V2 lounge chair impresses with its interesting unusual geometry. The design is asymmetrical and dynamic and finds its balance in a way that tricks the eye. It’s a unique and updated interpretation of the mid-century modern movement.

With so many exquisite lounge chair designs to choose from, finding the right one for a particular space can be a real challenge. The beauty in all of this is that these lounge chairs are wonderfully versatile and they can complete pretty much any space you have in mind.

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