There are some colors and combinations that have a better staying power than others and in this article, we are going to be looking at one such color. Teal, is the color we are talking about here and this color can be identified as the color that you get when you mix blues and greens. The color will offer more versatility in terms of the shades of each that you as well as the proportions you use. As many of you may be aware, there is a belief that blue color outfits to make a good impression is the way to go when it comes to a special occasion. The thing is while men and women both agree that blue is a great way to dress up, some believe that it could be a bit limiting for certain occasions. In some instances, it makes sense to liven up your look especially when it comes to celebrations.





While there are many brilliant and bewitching blue dresses that you can wear when you want to go out partying, you can also think of the color teal. Especially if you want to play up the color of your eyes that have elements of blue or green in them, then the teal is a bright color that works very well. It does not matter if we are talking about real women in blue jeans outfits to try this year or a party gown, then teal is a great color to go with.





Here are some points that you may have to consider while going with thrilling and tantalizing teal dresses:

It works for all sorts of materials: Some colors are a bit fussy in the sense that they work very well and come into their own only when they are used to dye certain types of clothing. But that is not the case with teal; it works with cotton as well as velvet or even corduroy. Even light and fancy fabrics like silk and georgette look good when dyed in different shades of teal.





You can go simple or fancy with this color: You can use teal to combine it with denim as well as a gown for the most fancy of occasions. There is a good chance that you can shine on the beach with a teal colored bikini or on the floor of a nightclub with teal colored frock. It goes without saying that the fabric use would differ but you can be sure that depending on your coloring, you can go with teal.





It works on fair as well as dark coloring: If you feel that you are too dark or fair to carry off teal, then think again. Because fairer persons can play up their coloring with either pale or dark teal and in the same way people with darker coloring can go with dark teal to play down their darker skin or light teal to play up their lovely skin tone.





It does not need that much adornment: Teal is one color that is so rich, that you can be sure that you do not need much in the way of jewelry with it if that is what you want to do. And in case you want to wear jewelry, you will be able to go with silver, platinum or rose gold jewelry pieces with a bit of stones in them.





By now we are sure that you have taken several peeks at the pictures of these lovely women wearing teal. These pictures should also give you an idea about the options you have with the color teal.

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