Many of us would like to start growing our own vegetables or herbs, but if you don’t have a garden, it can seem like that option just isn’t available to you. However, with a little ingenuity, most homes have a space where it would be possible to grow some edible plants, whether it is indoors, or in a window box or balcony. Whether you decide to try growing things like peppers and tomatoes from scratch or buy some plants, there are lots of benefits to having some food plants growing at home. Here are just three reasons to give it a try:

It Can Be Fun!

One of the best things about growing your own plants, is that it can be a fun and interesting hobby. Taking care of your plants and monitoring their growth gives you something to research and learn about, and it can be hugely satisfying to watch them grow and produce things you can actually use. Some people get really into growing their own plants and start learning more advanced techniques, such as using hydroponic systems, in order to get the best yield and quality. Others get their kids involved, helping them learn about plant life as a fun project that can be done as a family. Of course, growing any kinds of plants can be a nice hobby, but when you get to enjoy eating the things you’ve grown, it is even better!

It’s Economical

If you grow food plants, you can of course save money by having your own home grown crops. Plants cost far less than the cost of buying the equivalent amount of the food they produce, and so as long as you focus on plants that produce things you would normally buy, you’ll be cutting the cost of your food shop. Some plants produce more of a food than you may actually want, but you can do things to preserve them, for example drying herbs, or making tomatoes into juice, passata or other sauces that can be frozen for later use. In this way, you can keep on getting the benefits of the free food from your plants even when their harvest has passed!

It Can Make a Good Design Feature in Your Home

Having some living plants in your home can always create an appealing effect, and healthy food yielding plants can look really interesting and attractive. Having some herbs growing in a kitchen window box can give your kitchen a charming, rustic look, and when the windows are open in summer you will also get to enjoy the beautiful aromas of the herbs drifting into your cooking space.

Whether you fancy yourself as the green fingered type or have never grown anything successfully before, getting started with growing your own edible plants can be as simple as just picking up some herb plants next time you are at the supermarket. Why not get started straight away? You could soon be enjoying the many benefits of having your own vegetables and herbs growing at home!

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