Hey guys! Hope you’ve all had a good week! Mine has been a bit up and down to be honest, a lot of family stuff going on and a lot at work, so this weekend I really haven’t crossed off many things on my to-do list. Last night we had a friend over for dinner, so much fun and great company, and today we dragged our asses out of bed to try brunch at a new place, Paraden. Really great atmosphere and staff, and the food was really good too and we were so stuffed when we headed (rolled) home. But I did manage to get up to some stuff this week, so lets check it out! This week I have…

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…SLOWLY started decorating for Christmas! As I’m going away this year (read why at the bottom of this post) and as I’m usually not that into Christmas decorations (I realize I sound like a broken record about this), I’m keeping it low key and natural this year. These branches that I picked up at my local flower shop, but that I’ve also seen at the grocery store, are perfectly Christmasy red and add that touch of Christmas feel that I’m looking for!


…print screened these things! I guess I’m old school in that I always print screen things I like on Instagram rather than ‘saving’ them with the little flag, I feel like I would forget about them if I did. This week I’ve been really thinking about different kinds of stones, I love the terrazzo on the left by designer Sara Hellinson who has just launched a series of furniture (all amazing!). I also recently found the account @artndeco.se that sell gorgeous vintage furniture, I love pretty much everything they post! The last photo I’m unsure of from who I print screened it (it’s from a story and I hadn’t thought all the way about sharing it here), but I really like the burnt shade and almost glossy look of the curtains!


…rearranged things at home, as I do pretty much every week! Especially when you constantly have to create content for different projects, it’s easy to continue moving things around to get more interesting photos and new angles. New favorites that have been spotted on my Instagram both once and twice this week are the vintage sculptures (I guess not so new any more), and this silver ball that I picked up in a craft store a few weeks ago and that I just love!


…been researching India! I mentioned it quickly before but this year I am spending Christmas in New Delhi, so I have to start getting my itinerary together! The reason I’m going is that my parents moved there a few months ago, and so far I’ve only seen their house over FaceTime, so I’m really excited both to see them and to explore the city! One of my favorite places to go for travel inspiration is the blog Fashion Me Now, or Lucy, as her name actually is (fun fact, I’ve actually shot her several years ago back in London when I had my (fun fact within the fun fact) fashion blog and ran into her at London Fashion Week) and she is just the sweetest. Her travel photos are amazing, and as she has been pretty much everywhere in the world, I always drop in whenever I’m going somewhere!


…been avoiding black friday! Not sure about what kind of photo to use to display something that didn’t happen, but I’m not at all in a shopping kind of mood lately and find the whole thing a bit off-putting to be honest. I don’t know if it is age or something else, but I just get so much more joy out of buying one or two things that I’ve saved up for and that I know will keep their value over the years than getting plenty that I know I will get tired of within a few days. Instead I’ve been going through our storage to get some old stuff out, that I’ve decided to update a bit for a new, fresh feel, and for me that often works as well as buying something new!


…loooooooved this editorial! This one is a late addition, I’d already published this post when I stumbled across this via Oracle Fox, so of course I simply had to include it! I know I keep going on about this mix that I love between classic and eclectic, and this is the perfect example. Mainly soft colors that compliment each other, with pops and color here and there. Personal artwork in combination with design classics such as Serge Mouille lamps and Le Corbusier chair, and marble and wood in harmony and of course the perfect french stucco to top it off. By Humbert and Poyet architecture. 


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