A design studio transforms a former 120-square-foot maid’s quarter into a vibrant pied-à-terre.

When the owners of this tiny one-room flat wished to revamp the space into a rental property, they turned to Paris–based Batiik Studio for help. Challenged by the apartment’s tiny layout, the studio set out to maximize the space in the most ingenious of ways. 

Studio Batiik director Rebecca Benichou, explained that she was inspired by Moroccan style “even though no one noticed”.

The director at Studio Batiik, Rebecca Benichou, explains that she was inspired by Moroccan style when redesigning the home.

Bertrand Fompeyrine

Located in an elegant larger home in the 10th Arrondissement, the unit—also known as the Marie-Joséphine project—has been characterized by archways, alcoves, and an overall chic, muted color scheme. 

The clever design includes a hidden dining table, stools, and a fridge.

The redesign includes bespoke cabinetry which conceals a hidden dining table and stools, as well as a small fridge.

Bertrand Fompeyrine

Thanks to an artful design, the charming abode has been defined by the fact that its key amenities are concealed behind hidden compartments, which unfold like characters in a children’s pop-up book and reveal themselves in brilliant pops of color.

The small table with two stools pops out.

The tiny table with two stools pops out from the cabinetry.

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A detail of the brilliantly colored pop-out table.

A detail of the brilliantly colored table and stools. 

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The compact bathroom is tucked away behind one of the arches.

The compact bathroom is tucked away behind an arched-shaped mirror.

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The bathroom features light grey tiles, a shower, sink, and toilet.

The bathroom features light gray tiles, a shower, sink, and toilet. 

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Looking out from the bathroom.

The view looking out from the bathroom.

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A peek at the delightful “kitchenette.”

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Pop-out doors reveal storage space and a tiny refrigerator.

Pop-out doors not only reveal storage space, but also a tiny refrigerator, and microwave. 

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A bedroom/living room includes a sofa-bed, a small side table, and some arched-shaped closet space.

The sofa is the most conventional space-saving feature, as it easily unfolds into a bed. The arched closet houses the washer/dryer. 

Bertrand Fompeyrine

A small balcony reveals stunning views of the city.

A small balcony reveals mesmerizing views of the city. 

Bertrand Fompeyrine

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Batiik Studio


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