This Technique to Work Up DIY Marble with Giani is All About True Luxury-cover

You are surely going to be amazed to witness what some splashes of paint can achieve. Thanks to this wonderful video shared by GianiGranite that not only takes you through the detailed steps of transforming a table or countertop into a glorious marble finish, but also gets it done in a surprisingly little budget. Plus, the do-it-yourself technique is oh so easy, yielding some true-to-life end results!

All the process requires is a Giani White Diamond Kit that has got a primer, 3 lovely mineral colors, a topcoat and some applicators; fine point artist brush, 2″ foam brush, a spray bottle filled with water, some sandpaper, a cup of water, some paper towels and paper plates or bowls, paint tray, and some Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint in CastIron and WhiteLinen.

The first step is to lightly sand the top of the table to bring out a smooth paint texture, giving it a thorough cleaning using an old t-shirt or pillow cover to make sure there isn’t any dust left behind. Next, you prime the surface with the Giani IronCore primer using a roller.

Once the primer gets dry, roll a thin coat of White Limestone over the surface to lighten the base a little before you advance towards applying layers of water. Further, grab a sponge and apply some more White Limestone on the table in diagonal flows to begin building up the layers.

DIY Marble with Giani™

(Video and pictures via GianiGranite)

The key is to experiment with the Giani colors, black primer and water to create layers that on a whole, bring out the texture of marble with all its veins and imperfections. All you need to do is spray water and pour on the paint to create the appearance of flows, spraying on water more water to blend the layers better.

To create more details, you paint on the cracked marble lines on the surface dipping a thin artist brush into the primer, further lightly spraying the line with spray bottle filled with water. If at any point, you are not satisfied with the veins, simply paint over them with some White Limestone paint and voila! Repeat the process until you get your desired look, finally allowing it to dry for about 8 hours before applying a final clear topcoat.

The best part about it all is that you don’t need to strive for perfection – it’s all about free-flowing, random lines when it comes to creating magic. Just a little deal of patience comes into play when you need to allow drying time between each of the steps. And, your table is all set to add beautiful decor elements once the topcoat is left to dry for 2-3 days!

So, if you have also got a dust-covered, old-looking table, side stools or countertops around the house that scream for a makeover, why not get inspired by the tutorial by GianiGranite introducing new life into the piece with a luxurious marble appeal!

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