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This modern project with a living roof from OYO Architects is an attention grabber. Surrounded by more traditional dwellings in its neighborhood in Ghent, Belgium, the House Pibo seems to be just now rising out of the grass.

“OYO was given carte blanche, which opened the possibility to focus on an ecological and compact building from the start,” the architects said. “The house is defined by the continuation of the soil, creating one lifted green roof.” That living roof is a rubber membrane covered in plants.
design modern residenceBut that dramatic lawn of a roof wasn’t the starting point. “Unlike most single family houses in Belgium OYO started with the idea of positioning the living rooms on top of the bedrooms.”

The bedrooms are placed half below ground level, which keeps them cool in the summer. The social areas are split in two — the sofa and lounge zone sit slightly below the dining area. “You could say that from the living room you only have to go half a floor up to the kitchen and dining room and half a floor down to the sleeping area,” the architects said.
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What do you think of the overall design and layout of this project in Belgium?

[Photos courtesy OYO Architects]

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