Japanese-style joinery means that The Bed by Thuma can be set up in a flash.

The direct-to-consumer revolution has streamlined the packaging and deliver of everything from mattresses to couches—it was only a matter of time before bed frames followed suit.

As is now standard for luxury-for-less furniture, Thuma’s bed promises stress-free delivery and setup. The Bed is shipped in slim boxes designed to navigate hallways and door frames—and best of all, there are only two screws that can be tightened by hand (I, for one, will not miss being surrounded by loose screws and inexplicably slippery Allen wrenches). But Thuma goes a step further: the company swears that the entire bed can be assembled in just five minutes, a feat yet to be accomplished by any wood frame that doesn’t already come as a solid unit. 

Thuma The Bed

Each bed is inherently unique, featuring the natural imperfections of handcrafted, repurposed wood. No MDF or Veneers. Natural walnut coloring boasts unique wood grains and knots. Subtle color variances are to be expected and celebrated. Bottom of legs include pre-applied cork-padded bottoms for floor protection and extra cushion. Photo Courtesy of Thuma

The speedy assembly can be accredited to the Japanese-inspired wood construction, which adds a touch of complexity to the otherwise austere frame. Joinery requires solid wood, as opposed to MDF alternatives that tend to crumble and break, so the bed is durable and can be taken apart without any damage. Wood joinery also eliminates unnecessary metal pieces, the culprits of complex assembly instructions. For renters or frequent movers, this means the bed can travel with you no matter how often you move. 

Thuma is a family name passed down by a grandfather who practiced wood joinery which inspired The Bed's construction.

Thuma is a family name passed down by a grandfather who practiced wood joinery and inspired The Bed’s creation.

Photo: Thuma

A hybrid pillow and headboard, named the PillowBoard, is included as an optional addition. The PillowBoard complements the sophistication of the walnut-colored wood while softening the look of the bed. It’s more comfortable than a traditional wooden headboard, and you won’t need to worry about it nicking your wall. 

The PillowBoard comes in Light Linen and Dark Charcoal and extra PillowBoard covers can be purchased separately.

Extra PillowBoard covers can be purchased separately and come in two colors: Light Linen and Dark Charcoal.

Photo: Thuma

Reviewers rave about the sturdiness of the frame and urge future buyers to time themselves while setting up The Bed—assembly takes less time than unpacking the pieces! The Bed, which people already claim will last them for life, starts at $795.

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