This Is Why Cool Girls And Makeup Artists Are Ditching Mascara

Despite a long reign as the desert island makeup item of choice for many, I’ve spotted one product that’s been notably absent from a lot of cool girl beauty looks on Instagram recently—mascara. And it’s not just on social media that I’ve noticed its absence. There wasn’t a mascara in sight at many of the top fashion shows at London Fashion Week this year either. At Preen, Sam Bryant left model’s lashes bare, letting MAC lipstick-smudged eyelids take centre stage for the ’90s-inspired makeup. While at Erdem, Val Garland also skipped the mascara entirely—using NARS Kohliner to define eyes instead to create a futuristic cat-eye that was star of the show. 

I love this combination of bare lashes, dewy skin and balm-slicked lips.
Red lipstick minus mascara = the cool girl beauty formula.
A graphic streak of eye colour and nothing else for a fresh beauty look.
Who needs mascara when you’re wearing this much glitter?
Just look at that flutter.
Sit back, relax and skip the mascara.