Earlier this year, we saw the rise of a trend called cottagecore. It was an aesthetic which romanticised the simplicity of a country life, with Instagrammers carrying wicker baskets filled with flowers and baking homecooked meals amongst idyllic remote settings. 

In conjunction with a global pandemic, this yearning for simpler days and a return to basics arrived at precisely the right time. This summer, however, it seems brands have taken this concept one step further. Prairie dresses have been replaced with landscape motifs which depict cloud-filled skies, roaming horses or sunrises over the horizon. It’s no longer about dressing like you belong in the countryside, now it’s about dressing to emulate it.

We first noticed this niche trend when House Of Sunny released it’s Daybreak cardigan, which featured a knitted sunrise print and made quite the impact on Instagram. Worn by influencers everywhere, including Claire Most, Renia Jaz, Amy Julliette Lefévre and more. Since then we’ve also spotted Lirika Matoshi’s cloud jumper which emulates a peaceful day in the park and Ganni’s whimsical galloping horse-print, which feels as if it were taken directly from a storybook. 

Whether it’s a little bit of escapism in response to the times we’re living in, or simply a coincidence, we’re on board with this happy new trend. Keep scrolling to see how the fashion set is embracing it and shop the looks below. 

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