Husband-and-wife team Brian and Joni Buzarde of Colorado–based mobile tiny house builders Land Ark RV recently completely their latest project—the Draper home.

Clad in sleek, black corrugated steel siding and equipped with a fold-down Cumaru deck, the Draper tiny house is ideal for adventurers. The 300-square-foot RV’s efficient floor plan includes a mud room entryway, a gallery-like hallway with clerestory windows, and a sleeping loft with large windows that can be accessed via a custom-designed oak ladder. 

Having built and lived in their own tiny home, named Woody, since 2012, the Buzardes saw the need for a mud room entry that’s separate from the main living/kitchen space. “The mud room entry features a generously sized seven-foot width wardrobe, a separate W/D utility closet, and a nook with a bench and cubbies. This maintains tidiness and creates a more calming living experience in the living/kitchen space where one would spend the most time,” says Joni. 

Land Ark RV used Camura—a renewable Brazilian hardwood—for the deck and the inset siding.

Land Ark RV used Camura—a renewable Brazilian hardwood—for the deck and the inset siding.  

Courtesy of Jeremy Gudac

The sun-drenched main living area opens up to a galley kitchen and a convertible U-sofa that transforms into a queen-sized bed for occasional guests.

The hallway utilizes recessed lighting and clerestory windows to create a sophisticated and calming atmosphere as one moves from the entryway into the main living space. 

The Cumaru deck can be lowered and raised for transport in two minutes via a manual winch mounted inside.

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