I have a confession to make. I know that I’m a beauty editor and that I am supposed to live and breathe all things makeupskin and hair, but candles are my one true love. Sure, I still get giddy with excitement when a new bronzer is released, and I love geeking out over skincare launches, but nothing has the power to make me go weak at the knees quite like a candle does. (My favourite ever is Malin + Goetz Otto, £42.) And the only thing on the planet that I love more than a great-smelling candle? An affordable great-smelling candle. 

So when I heard that Zara had plans to create a line of candles to sit alongside its existing Zara Emotions perfume collection, I could barely contain my excitement. Created in collaboration with Jo Malone CBE, the fragrances have been favourites of mine since they launched late last year. Not only do they look rather chic on the shelf, but the scents are also powerfully fresh, long-lasting and unique. I’ve had several people stop me on the street and ask after them.

In fact, much like Jo Loves scents themselves, the Zara Emotions range delivers expensive-smelling scents that evoke a sense of nostalgia that has you going back for more. And now, there are candles for £16, which, might I add, just like the perfumes, have a lingering scent that fills a room in a way only the most expensive do. Honestly, since discovering them, not only have I ordered six of the things, but I have also stopped buying any other candles at all. Because frankly, what’s the point in spending £40 when I can get a Zara one for less than half of the price.

As a whole, the scents are fresh, summery and offer up a very welcome hint of escape during a time when getting away is impossible. My favourites? Amalfi Sunray burns all day long when the sun is shining and has me dreaming of suncream and lemon-based cocktails in the Italian summertime; Bohemian Bluebells gets lighted in the evenings thanks to notes of fresh lavender and musk that take me away to childhood summers in the countryside; and finally, Fleur d’Oranger is citrusy yet floral and oozes expense while it burns.

Trust me—if you’re a candle collector much like I am, you’re going to want to experience at least one of these.

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