Emily Henderson Funk It Up Beds And Headboards Inspo Pics 2

Emily Henderson Funk It Up Beds And Headboards Inspo Pics 2
design by studio shamshiri | image via architectural digest | photo by stephen kent johnson

Despite the complete lack of any final designs, I have been thinking, dreaming and getting hard, random pangs of headboard ideas for my bed nook MOTO. Yes, someday (hopefully in the not too far future), you will see where I rest my head and the headboard I WILL design. Our office was closed the last week in August, and over our break, I whispered the first whims of a custom headboard to my father and you could visibly see the fear in his eyes. But because he is truly the greatest and most likely forgot what a pain in the butt I was during my other MOTO projects (check out my DIY-filled living room and kitchen here), he restrained himself from instantly running away and instead talked me through one of the top design contenders. My goal? Something wooden, “cool,” simple but interesting and easy “enough” (for my dad) to make. No problem and will most likely not result in the end of our otherwise great father-daughter relationship…right?

Emily Henderson Funk It Up Beds And Headboards Side By Side
right: image via dominodesign by phoebe nicol | left: image via remodelista | design by studio shamshiri

The headboards above and below have all been HUGE inspirations for me. The predictability of my love for squiggles is stupid at this point. BUT the curves, interesting details and the attention they demand are (once again) proof that getting a little “risky” with your bed (like we proved with sofas and accents tables) gives your bedroom personality and uniqueness. That is really what I want.

Emily Henderson Funk It Up Beds And Headboards Inspo Pics 3
image and design via chzon | photo by karel balas

In my long and vast headboard research, I was seeing a ton of really awesome headboards and beds. Wonderful products that don’t cause you to risk your family’s happiness and instead you can just BUY. Like click, purchase and install…all in a completely reasonable timeline. An obvious foreign concept to me. So I thought to put my madness to good use by rounding up 62 of my favorite “not your average” headboards and beds if like me, you are searching for something outside of the rectangle.

Emily Henderson Funk It Up Beds And Headboards Inspo Pics 6
styled by nc interiors and greenhouse interiors | image via nc interiors | photo by armelle habib

I want to kick it off with my headboard crew. Whether you prefer just a headboard or have no other choice (like me), there are a lot of great, cool options that are actually very reasonably priced. To break up the price points, let’s start with the most affordable with the under $400 category (FYI a lot are under $250).

Emily Henderson Unique Headboards 1 Roundup

1. Paloma Metal Retro Headboard | 2. Curved Headboard | 3. Arched Headboard | 4. Palmera Fan Headboard | 5. Natural Woven Wingback Headboard | 6. Headboard in Beige & Navy Blue | 7. Upholstered Channel Stitched Headboard | 8. Mid-Century Wood and Synthetic Rattan Wrap-Around Headboard | 9. Peacock Rattan Queen Headboard | 10. Linen French Yellow Tufted Headboard | 11. Noctis Headboard | 12. Lynette Headboard | 13. Duke Metal Headboard | 14. Imelda Grey Headboard

If I had to pick my favorites, I would go with #1, #2, #8, #14. The first one is a pretty killer and a crazy affordable dupe of an Anthropologie bed you may have seen. The second is a beautiful, modern and simple shape that looks awesome in that velvet pink. #8 looks like a great affordable canned headboard option but can also be purchased as a full bed if that works better for you. Lastly, I really like #14 because of its simple shape. However, if I were to buy it, I would paint it a deep jewel tone color to modernize it a bit. Don’t forget that you can always DIY if something isn’t exactly what you want.

Onto the more expensive bunch…

Emily Henderson Unique Headboards 2 Roundup

1. Bed Head | 2. Antique Pine Queen Size Headboard | 3. Slipcover Headboard | 4. Buchanan Headboard | 5. Sera Headboard | 6. 1970s Vintage Polished Chrome King Size Headboard | 7. Stella Bedhead | 8. Paxton Headboard | 9. Boho Chic Rattan Full Headboard | 10. Velvet-Upholstered Headboard | 11. Camden Untufted Headboard | 12. Lempi Headboard | 13. Mid-Century Modern Italian Faux Bamboo Gilt Metal Queen Headboard | 14. Zane Headboard

I love LOVE #1 and #2 for the same reasons: Raw wood, simple and special. I think #6 is just sick. It’s vintage from Chairish so it’s incredibly unique which makes sense why it’s on the pricier side. Lastly, I really love #8 because the shape is interesting and that Kelly Wearstler fabric is one of my favorites.

Now that we have headboards pretty much down, let’s move onto beds…

Emily Henderson Funk It Up Beds And Headboards Inspo Pics 1
design by amber interiors | photo by tessa neustadt

It’s probably no surprise but beds are usually more expensive than headboards and “unique” beds also come with a higher price tag than your average bed. However, I searched the internet to find the best “less conventional” looking beds that range a decent number of budgets. I also want to say there is NOTHING wrong with a simple rectangle headboard bed. It’s all about what speaks to you and what you love. There are millions of ways to show your personality. But maybe some of you will find your dream bed now…

Emily Henderson Unique Beds 1 Roundup

1. Ava Pink Bed | 2. Bobila Cane Bed | 3. Black Wrought Iron Queen Size Sleigh Bed | 4. Southwick Farmhouse Queen Size Metal Canopy Bed | 5. Landscape Live Edge Bed | 6. Isabella Platform Bed | 7. DELAKTIG | 8. Irving Iron Bed | 9. Lana Upholstered Bed | 10. Ria Rattan Bed | 11. Camila Bed | 12. The Emily & Meritt Shell Upholstered Bed | 13. Paxton Bed | 14. Aria Metal Bed | 15. Camille Bed | 16. Thalia Bed

Man, this is fun to look at these beds but my favorites (I think, it’s so hard): #1, #3, #4, and #11. #1 looks like the most luxurious hug in the world. #3 is such a cool, modern traditional vintage bed that I would absolutely own if I could. #4 kills me! I think everyone should buy this bed now before Target realizes it’s way underpriced. #11’s style is very much what I am currently into and would highly consider it if I could. I think I’m really making my bed nook design sound cryptic at this point. You’ll see what my challengers are in due time. ?

For the finale, let’s kick this budget into high gear with these stunners…

Emily Henderson Unique Beds 2 Roundup

1. Dhurrie Jacobson Bed | 2. Heatherfield Bed | 3. 19th C. French Iron Canopy Fabric Bed | 4. Bryce Bed | 5. Wings Bed | 6. Curved Rattan Bed | 7. Moreau Bed | 8. Whitaker Four Poster Bed | 9. Genevieve Bed | 10. Gathered Wing Bed | 11. Colestin Bed | 12. Elizabeth Bed | 13. Kaira Bed | 14. Mariana Bed | 15. Webster Bed | 16. Foreside Bed | 17. Morrow Bed | 18. Lid Full Bed

I am strangely soooooo attracted to #1. It’s granny chic and I LIKE it. #2 is the perfect mix of natural and glam. I really love the organic shape of #12 and that green velvet makes my heart skip a beat. And lastly, I will never not die over that Thos. Moser spindle bed (#16) that’s in the upstairs guest bedroom in the mountain house.

Allllright y’all, I am feeling very inspired to make some actual headboard progress. Let’s see if my dad continues to answer my calls. But for you, I hope that (if you are in the market) you have found a rad bed that you will joyously hop into every night. A bed that says, “hey you, we are pretty darn cool.” I imagine these beds can talk because that’s just how cool they are. And as always, if any of you have these beds can give us some real reviews, that would be awesome because sharing is caring.

Love you, mean it.


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