Given that she is actual royalty, we wouldn’t blame you for assuming that many of the items Meghan Markle wears would be completely unattainable for those of us who do not possess a noble title, particularly when it comes to jewellery.

Though it may come as a pleasant surprise to learn this is not entirely true. In fact, several of the jewellery staples the Duchess of Sussex has worn on repeat are actually relatively affordable, especially by gold jewellery standards.

On several occasions, Markle has been spotted wearing items by London-based jeweller Pippa Small, and while Small’s products can retail for upwards of £1000, the classic stud earrings that Meghan has worn multiple times are only £50. Aside from Pippa Small, Meghan has also worn rings by British jewellery brand Missoma, which retail for under £90 and earrings by Shaun Leane which come in at just over £200. Keep scrolling to see the affordable jewellery staples Meghan Markle loves.

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