When Instagram first became a fashion sharing ground, it was ripe with minimalist outfit ideas. As influencers gained popularity and street style became more outlandish, the outfits that we started to see become popular on Instagram were more aspirational and trend-driven than the minimalism that originally dominated. 

This is why, each season, we also turn to Pinterest for minimalist outfit ideas. In addition to the microtrends and cult buys we spot on Instagram, we also like to look for everyday style combos that we can try out with the clothes we probably already own in our wardrobes. This summer, Pinterest gave us tied-up shirts and satin midi dress outfit ideas. This season, we have a new batch of looks to try. 

For September, the Pinterest business trend report found that classic style is taking the forefront of trending outfits, with items like “pleated skirts” gaining +45% searches year-on-year. Of course, there are a few less classic style anomalies that have gained popularity too, such as “heeled flip-flops” and “tangerine orange”. But overall, it looks like the outfit trends are leaning towards simple, yet effectively fresh. Keep scrolling to see the 5 outfit ideas trending on Pinterest this autumn, plus how to style and shop each one. 

Style Notes: Okay, so this isn’t necessarily an outfit idea per se, but it’s so massive a trend and it truly does transform anything you’re currently wearing that it may as well be. That’s the power of this accessory. 

Style Notes: When we say wear this with anything, we mean anything. Across fashion week we saw people wearing chunky gold necklaces with oversized blazers, printed dresses, knits…anything. A classic move though, is to pair one with a white tee. 

Style Notes: Beige continues its 2019 reign well into autumn as it is majorly spiking on Pinterest. Neutral tones can be anything from creams, to warm browns so there’s actually lots to play with. 

Style Notes: Again, this outfit formula is so versatile, it can be interpreted no matter your style. We’ve seen a lot of pleated skirt-based neutral looks and it might be our favourite. 

Style Notes: The button-down shirt is having a renaissance, but in a whole new way. Different variations on the classic top have been spotted all over Pinterest, but in new interpretations including puff-sleeved, collarless and ruffled-collars, and in texts like faux leather. 

Style Notes: Brittany Bathgate, the ever-inventive minimalist, opts for a puff-sleeve button-down top with no collar. She pairs it with barrel-leg jeans and flats. Simple, yet brilliant. 

Style Notes: From fisherman to cable knits, this season go oversized. It sounds simple, but it the most commonly spotted outfit across Pinterest right now. The key is in the accessories: add a belt and tuck in the bottom of your jumper for a fashionable twist. This is such an easy trend to find in the men’s section of any vintage store. 

Style Notes: We always turn to Lizzy Hadfield for minimalist styling tricks. It’s all in the details when it comes to her style. She takes this simple outfit formula and adds a Bottega handbag and strappy heels with a red lip to complete the look.

Style Notes: Just when we thought 2019 was becoming rather, well, classic in its outfit trends, this look came out of nowhere. A fun play on suiting, there are so many different combinations to make this work. 

Style Notes: We love Ada’s pinstripe take on this outfit, something that would also be super easy to find in a vintage shop. She ties together her top and bag with the matching burnt orange hues and adds printed sunnies for an extra touch. The sneakers balance out the trend-driven take of this outfit. 

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