Unlike a closet which hides your personal style, a clothes hanger rack puts it on display for constant inspiration. When you have your favorite pieces out in the open, you would never forget about them. It will be easy to remember what you already have so you don’t buy repetitive things, and it also makes choosing an outfit much easier. The clothes hanger rack will also gives you the ability to visualize what direction your style is going in color wise, and gives you bearing on the colors you want to use in your upcoming occasion.

Having a catchy clothes hanger rack is an interesting thing to try these days, especially if you live in small house or apartment which doesn’t really big enough for a big closet. The rack can be one of a good accessories to your room, too. Remember that the advantage of its look will satisfy you if you choose the design wisely.

We’ve collected 12 ideas of clothes hanger rack to help you arrange your clothes beautifully. Take a look at these ideas and have some inspirations. Enjoy!

1. DIY White Wood Branch Clothing Rack

You can make your own clothes hanging rack with this idea of white wood branch clothing rack. The natural shape of wood painted in white, make the handmade rack fit to any kind of room decor.

DIY White Wood Branch Clothing Rack
Image via www.decoist.com

2. Old Wire Hanging Clothing Rack

Or you can transform the old wire to be this hanging clothing rack. Don’t forget to spray or paint it in your favorite color and match the existing room decor.

Old Wire Hanging Clothing Rack
Image via www.myaustinelite.com

3. Wooden and Industrial Pipes Clothing Rack

Who doesn’t love the rustic look of this rustic hanger rack? With rustic industrial piped and chosen wood pallets, really transform the clothing racks to be a unique furniture in your room.

Wooden and Metal Clothing Rack
Image via www.lifehack.org

4. White Wooden Hanging Clothing Rack

You can also adopt this white wooden hanging clothing rack. It is kind of the same with the first idea, but the only difference is the chain that hangs the rack and make the look extraordinary.

White Wooden Hanging Clothing Rack
Image via wholehomefurniture.com

5. Dark Colored Wooden Branch Hanging Clothing Rack

Or you can adopt the dark colored version of clothes hanger rack in natural wooden style. Take a look at the picture below and have some inspiration for your clothing rack.

Black Wooden Branch Hanging Clothing Rack
Image via www.homedit.com

6. Simple White Pipes Hanging Clothing Rack

If you love to have clothes hanger rack in simple shape and color, this might be a good idea for you. Look at the picture below to have a reference of its look.

Simple White Metal Hanging Clothing Rack
Image via pinterest.com

7. Twin Pipes Clothing Rack With Basket

This unique shape of clothes hanging rack is always okay to be adopted to your extraordinary room. With a basket storage at the bottom of the rack, it is very worth to have.

Twin Metal Clothing Rack
Image via ligia-fiedler.blogspot.com

8. Industrial Pipe and Rustic Wooden Clothing Rack

Here is another idea of rustic clothes hanger rack with industrial pipes and rustic wood. Look at the shape and look of the rack. Very beautiful to be one of your room’s property, isn’t it?

Industrial Pipe and Rustic Wooden Clothing Rack
Image via www.houzz.com

9. White Laundry Clothing Rack

There are a lot of people adopting laundry clothing rack to make the activity easier. Perhaps you would adopt one of the idea with this color and shape. Your laundry room will look even prettier with the white and pastel color of the rack.

White Laundry Clothing Rack
Image via theownerbuildernetwork.co

10. Diagonal Wooden Branch Hanging Clothing Rack

Make it extraordinary by having it in diagonal way. Look at how it fills the space that hasn’t ever wondered to be a clothing rack space before.

Diagonal Wooden Branch Hanging Clothing Rack
Image via www.decoist.com

11. Vibrant Colored Clothing Rack

How can you deny the uniqueness of clothes hanger rack with vibrant colors? Just like in the picture below, make your room looks fresh by adopting one of vibrant-colored clothes hanger rack.

Vibrant Colored Clothing Rack
Image via www.designsponge.com

12. Modern Black Colored Metal Clothing Rack

Or you are searching for clothes hanger rack in modern design? You will love to have one of this idea below.

Modern Black Colored Clothing Rack
Image via www.pinterest.com

Make sure you put your clothes hanger rack in a proper position and place to keep your clothes and your room’s look safe and catchy. Thank you for reading the whole post, hope you enjoyed. If you have any inspiration or aspiration about clothes hanger rack, let’s share with us!

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