There’s Strength in Numbers with Iron Hive

Davide Mezzasalma came up with the structural idea of Iron Hive when he was looking for a creative room dividing solution in an apartment. “My inspirations are the repetitive geometric elements on which nature itself is built: from atoms, cells, crystals to the honeycombs of a beehive. Elements that can divide, split, and grow and thus find new forms,” explains the designer.

Just like a beehive, each polygonal module of the Iron Hive modular shelving system presents you with endless possibilities that are flexible and visually dynamic. It grows and transforms according to the needs of the user. On its own, one cube can be a side table. Add more cube units to create length and height to make a sideboard, room divider, or shelving. They can be recombined over and over again thanks to an easy to install screw connection, allowing for loads of customization.

Iron Hive’s cubes are made of powder coated matte iron that’s extremely scratch-resistant and weight bearing. Modules are currently available in five colors – blue grey, pebble grey, black, white, and wine red.